There is MORE to MY EYE story. This is so tragic it became funny and powerful. Promise! A good read!

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Well, one sunny night, my neighbor called and asked if I wanted to walk down to the street light to see a 5-car pile up at the intersection. (Sure, why not be a gawker! Right?) Anyway, I needed the walk. I asked my husband if he would like to go. AS we saw in the distance, there were ambulances and sirens and many police cars, firetrucks, etc. It was the excitement of the neighborhood that night, for sure.

We had walked on an uneven sidewalk and were about 3/10th of a mile from home when I just fell straight over, hitting my skull first on the sidewalk. I didn’t pass out. I didn’t hit any holes or miss any steps. (later we learned my sugars were 20-ZI guess diabetes stories another time) I was in a pull of blood. Betty ran to the neighbors for help, but no one was home for they were down at the accident. Theron, my husband looked scared and said, “We have to get you to the hospital. I’ll go get the car!” Off he ran and I was left to myself. A cop car went by. I later learned from the ambulance nurse who was bandaging me up, that the cop radioed down to the police and said, “Spousal abuse. Husband is leaving the scene of the accident. Woman down, profusely bleeding!”

Next thing I know, I looked up through my situation and a heard a large firetruck arriving with men jumping out. Then an ambulance and medics pull up, scurrying around bandaging my face fast. Finally my husband drives up and is questioned by police! (We were just out walking!) At the hospital, a facial surgeon was called. I arrived at 7 PM and finally at 11 PM one arrives. Bandages are off. I asked for a mirror. No one would give me one, so I knew that something awful was up. My left eye disappeared downward first and the other one went down half way. I had broken the bones under my eyes. My facial skin was pulled back and i had to have 60 stitches underneath and 66 stitches on top, starting at my left eyebrow going across my forehead and into the scalp. Everything was bandaged so I could not see it. I was sent two days later to a facial surgeon specializing in severe accidents. oh, my! All I could think about was scarring. Little did I know that the facial reconstruction surgeon said they would have to take my eyeballs out, put plastic walls in the sockets to hold my eyes in and remove the broken bones. Then the doctors would put the eyes back in. It was a serous operation and I might see double my whole life! Faint!

What could I do but pray? Then, knowing oils as I do, I knew they raise the frequency of our body. What did I have to lose? I applied Frankincense all around the eye socket, under my bandages. I applied oils on my back and oils on my middle toes (eye reflexology points) and on my hands. I doused myself in oils like cypress (for circulation) and Trauma Life (emotional oil) and every other oil I could think of. Surgery was scheduled for Thursday. The accident happened on Saturday Night. On Wednesday the doctor took off the bandage to do a pre-surgery exam. (I kid you not what I tell you next) Dr.Engan looked so surprised. I wondered what was going on. He slid his chair back,jumped up like a cheerleader and announced, “NO surgery! YOU HAVE HAD A MIRACLE!~~~!!!! Your eyes are slowly coming back up. I will not do the surgery! You will live with the damage!” I thought, “Huh?”

Then he gave me a mirror. Horror. My face was scarred for life I thought. Then, my knowledge of essential oils took over. I know a formula that supports skin for “NO SCARRING.” Would it work for me?! I mixed equal drops of lemon, frankincense and lavender together and applied around the stitches, not on the stitches. Twice a day I did that and hid from everyone and just rested in the house. My pupils appeared and I wondered if they would come totally up. I lost 10% of my eye volume to the back, but the pupils appeared and centered.

For weeks, “lavender, lemon and frankincense” were applied. I felt like Frankenstein, but I just kept applying the oils. Today? You would NEVER KNOW what happened by looking at my forehead. My left eye is smaller though. No scarring anywhere! None!!! And I saved $35,000 on paying for THAT operation of horror. How eternally grateful I am to my Father in Heaven for the miracle and these oils from Young Living!   This picture above was before my accident when my eyes were out and bigger.    I need to put a current picture in soon that shows the damage to the left eye and right where the left eye is smaller.   My poor eyes….from 12 years old being diagnosed as nearly blind to this finale.   I see and my recent medical eye exam says my eyes are improving.  Yeah Young Living!  Thank you!