Click on the question to see the answer. provides Young Living business builders with an FDA compliant pre-made website that is easily duplicated for your downlines. Our website is updated regularly and every update is free of charge, for the lifetime of your subscription. The website we provide focuses on education, clarification and heavily researched and refined information presented to make your life, as a distributor, a lot easier. All our websites come with a host of features at no additional cost.

You can see the demo website by visiting The Demo Site. is not affiliated with Young Living, Young Living partners or Young Living affiliates. We make it our main focus to be FDA compliant in regards to essential oils and Young Living.

Our site has been reviewed by Young Living’s attorneys and we work closely with the conduct department to ensure we follow all the rules. It is our full intention to stay 100% compliant so we do not change our verbiage unless updated information comes from Young Living.

Young Living provided us with a packet of information to put in our back office to ensure our website customers have access to all the correct information regarding sharing Young Living the right way.

All of our graphics are 100% compliant and in many cases we have used the material from the 2015 Young Living compliance kit.

We strive to bring our members the best support possible. We’re always monitoring our social media, support center and support email system (located at:

Support doesn’t end with helping, either. Each time we receive a support ticket, we quickly handle it and strive to make sure it can’t happen again (in the rare case it’s an actual bug).

We know this website is your business and we listen to our customer’s needs and work to bring to you the things you want most in a website – even if it has to go on a list of developments for later.

We’re designed to expand. We’ve created our websites in such a way that it allows us to continually improve and offer our members more features for the same price. Our low prices stay low because we understand clean code and operating procedures, eliminating the need for expensive hosting costs – so we can forward those savings to you.

We’re lightning fast, our dedicated server has an uptime of 99.9%!

Our site is designed to educate, then sell. We’re not interested in creating just another ‘SELL, SELL, SELL’ website or have a website that looks more like a shady “business opportunity”. We want to give your prospects the chance to learn about essential oils without feeling like they are getting sold on something. We have found that once someone understands essential oils, they tend to want them for themselves – this makes the sale easy, so just send them to your website.

We provide you tools to help you expand. We provide everyone with the ability to have their own blog and events management, along with a lot of other tools and features to customize your website and make it more unique to you, to your personality and to your business.

YLDist is always improving. We’re always making our services better – there’s never a slow day in our office.

We invite you to read the reviews we’ve received from our customers:

All our facts and figures presented on our websites are FDA compliant and completely Young Living approved. As things change, we change as well. This means that when the regulations change, we make those changes as fast as we can! Never worry again about being FDA compliant.

As soon as we know of an update from Young Living Essential Oils, we work hard to bring that update to you. Our updates cover product information, pricing and any other website information. These updates are done daily. All minor updates are done every few days.

We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with all of Young Living’s changes. Our think-tank group is made of independent distributors just like you, and we know how important staying on top of updating our websites can be! Once you start with us, you’ll never have to worry about being out-of-date again.

Absolutely. Our websites use a technology we call ‘Fluid Design’ which ensures compatibility with every device on the market today. Having a mobile website is very important, particularly for your Young Living business because a huge percentage of users who will visit your website will do it from a mobile device.

Our subscription process takes about 5 minutes. Once done, you’re instantly ready to fill in your personal information and start customizing your website! There’s no waiting to be activated, no waiting for approvals. It’s all done in the blink of an eye!

Super easy. Our websites are designed to bring you everything you will need to present your prospects with professional information about Young Living Essential Oil products and complete information about the different premium starter kits. Once they are ready to sign up, a click of a button will send them to the Young Living website with all your membership information pre-filled!

Your only job is to enter your name, YL ID number, email etc. so your site is personalized to you. Look at our demo site here and you will see exactly what your site will look like (before you personalize it).

Logging into your website dashboard area can be done in two ways:

  1. Visit the Account Center (here) and log in, then on the right-hand side of that page you will find links that will help you find or edit your website.
  2. You may also visit your website and use the link ‘Member Login’ located at the very bottom of your website.

We think this question might be faster answered by telling you what you can’t change. We offer unlimited design customization allowing you to customize the colors, look and feel of your site including changing the background from a large selection of choices, uploading your own background, using a simple textured or single-colored background, or choosing no background at all for a clean white look.  You can change the fonts and font size for everything you can read.  You can change the appearance of the buttons, even make them look 3-D, and have them match your favorite color scheme. You are able to upload a logo for your title or just simply use beautiful fonts to make your website title look awesome. This customization is where you can really let your personality and uniqueness shine – if you want. This is all completely optional and it’s done with a simple click of a button, in most cases. Just to ensure you can do this, we provide a recorded webinar training showing what each customizing option is for and how best to use it.

On the other hand, you will not be able to change our content, page layout or function. After all, we have to remain YL & FDA compliant.

That is totally fine because we believe we have created a beautiful design that you can use right from the start. All you need to do is go into the profile settings and fill in the spaces for your name, number, email etc. and you are in business!

We strive to bring our members the best support possible. We might miss a post from you on Facebook, but we are always monitoring our support email system (located here:

Even though setting up your personal information is easy, we know there are those who barely know how to surf the internet, and that is fine!  No problem, we will not leave you floundering. We will help you set up your site and get it rolling.

Yes we sure do, we call it the Affiliate Referral System.

The Affiliate Referral system is fast, easy and generous. You will receive a special link to provide to others. When they click your referral link our system knows (behind the scene) that you are the one who referred them. You receive 10% of all Paid Signup’s you refer to us. This system is automated and processes payments once a month on the 1st day of each month.

That is totally fine. Most domain names can be easily redirected to your YLDist website. We recommend you use GoDaddy because they provide this service for free.

If you are not using GoDaddy, there is a chance that you will be required to pay a hosting fee to your domain provider to enable 301 redirects. We cannot offer any other type of redirection services due to limitations in the technology.  Likewise, it is super important to not use “masking” when forwarding your domain name to your YLDist website because it will cause your website not to work correctly on mobile and you will not be able to log in and customize it.

No, you do not need anything else to utilize our service. We will provide you with a website address that will look similar to this:

Absolutely. Each YLDist website comes with its own standard WordPress blog attached and ready to roll as an option.  There is no additional cost to use this feature. You can count on it being easy, fun and addictive! All our blogs come with SEO integration, which means being found on the first page of Google comes that much easier! We also have training videos showing you how to begin blogging and how to set yourself up to be found on the internet!

Yes, we have you covered there. Our subscription form comes with your blog!

We offer a system we call ‘Slide-In Lead Capturing’. This is a somewhat advanced feature that you have access to, but it is truly limitless in application and allows you to capture leads for virtually anything you can imagine! It integrates with MailChimp and any other mailing list software worth its salt! It’s truly revolutionary for your Young Living business website and keeps you to in touch with your visitors!  Yep, we have a training on how to set this option up as well, for you more advanced folks!

Optionally you can offer them free samples, ask them to join your mailing list, give them a free PDF, offer team-promotions, free gifts and so much more!

We sure do! Every site owner has a pre-built landing page as part of their package. You can take a look at an example of it here:

It is super easy to upgrade to a different plan and you can do it at any time. Your account will only be billed once the previously paid period is over.

  1. Navigate to The Account Center (sign in with your username or email and password if needed) and scroll down to the payment settings area.
  2. Select which plan you wish switch to (Quarterly or Yearly).
  3. Input your new payment information in the secure payment area and hit subscribe.
  4. Your account will not be billed until your previous subscription runs out.

Your website statistics are important to finding out if your marketing is doing its job. They can be found on your website’s Dashboard under ‘Statistics’. You will be able to see the follow information:

Visits: How many times your website has been viewed in total.
Unique Visitors: How many people have visited the website individually.
Pageviews: How many pages on your website have been viewed in total.
Pages/Visits: How many pages each unique visitor view in average.
Bounce Rate: How many people leave the website after visiting (usually between 30-60%).
Avg. Visit Dur.: The average duration of each unique visit.
New Visits: How many people are visiting the website for the first time versus returning visits.

We sure do – come join us, because that is where you will find out first when we make great updates, add something, provide additional services or offer great promotions.

We make all our announcements within our Facebook group, as a priority, however we know that not everyone uses Facebook. We also try to publish new or important information on our personal blog, found here: As well when we have major updates we will email you using the email you provided to us as your “admin” email address – it’s pretty important to ensure you are receiving emails from us and that they are not going into your spam.

We have a host of things and the list continues to grow as we hear from our customers and learn what they want

  • Free Graphics to use in your blog, social media or however you need
  • Free Webinar training to show you how to effectively blog
  • Free Webinar training to show you how to use other features
  • …and plenty more coming!

Absolutely.  We have a special feature that allows business partners to get one website and have both their information on the site.  This is a unique feature that isn’t used often by our customers, but when you need it we have you covered.  After you get your website and start filling out the profile section with your personal information you will come to the Partners section.  If you need help setting that part up, again we are here and ready to help you.

Here is a list of current features, but keep in mind that we listen to our customers’ needs and we are always improving & offering you more options for your Young Living website, without charging you more!

Business Building & Marketing Training (FREE) – Yes, you read that right!  We have an “Online Training Academy” that is completely free to our website owners.  This training is done with short videos that we publish every week.  Currently we are publishing 3 per week, exclusive to our customers and found in the website “dashboard” area.  This is training that others have paid hundreds of dollars to get and covers all aspects marketing, social media marketing, business building and product usage & tips.

Blogging – This is optional.  If you want to blog you’ll have unlimited blogging capability on your website, which utilizes the WordPress platform.  If you choose, you can also allow your prospects to subscribe to your blog articles.  This is an unlimited blogging ability and you can link as many videos (or upload them) as you wish, upload graphics, allows users to share your blog posts and all things that you would expect with utilizing a blog.  We even provide training for you so that you can learn the tricks to blogging and have more opportunity to be found faster in Google searches.

Social Media – You have options to integrate all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) within buttons at the top of your website.  You choose which ones you want to link.

Outside Link Option – You have the option to link an outside website to your Young Living website.  This might be utilized by someone who already has another blog that they have been writing for a long time, or link to another website, such as a “profession” website or even a retail site.

Design Customization – This is completely optional, so if you like your site as is, you don’t have to get into all of this.  But we do offer design customizing options (with the touch of a button) that allows you to really make your site match your personality.  We also provide video training to show you how to do this if you want to customize.  There’s really so much option it’s almost too much to add here.

  • Backgrounds – You can choose from a large selection of our background images or you can choose to upload something else. You might choose to remove the background image and have a clean white website or you might like using a plain colored or textured background.  This is all up to you.
  • Fonts – All with simple clicks of buttons, you can change the font of every single thing you can read. This is nearly unlimited. You can change the font style, color, size and choose to have it bold, italic or plain.  So if you need the font to match your color scheme, you can!  This is a fun area where you can play and design and see it in real-time before you save the changes.
  • Logo – If you have a business logo, you can upload it with the click of a couple of buttons and have it shown instead of a website title on your home page.

Thieves Information – Optional, you can choose to show the full Thieves information on your home page or to hide it.  If you decide to show it, your prospect will be able to read all about the line of Thieves products and see the product-packed Thieves Premium Starter Kit.  Your prospect can even buy right from that point, with the click of a button that whisks them straight over to Young Living’s website with your member number auto-filled in and you get the credit for that sale or new wholesale member.

NingXia Red Information – Optional, you can choose to show the full NingXia Red information on your home page or to hide it.  If you decide to show it, your prospect will be able to read all about NingXia Red products and see the awesome NingXia Red Starter Kit.  Your prospect can even buy right from that point, with the click of a button that whisks them straight over to Young Living’s website with your member number auto-filled in and you get the credit for that sale or new wholesale member.

Starter Kits To Show – On the website page, Premium Starter Kit, you are able to choose to show any number of the 3 premium starter kits.  This gives you the control to keep your site simply all about the oils or you can also show the NingXia Red Premium Starter Kit and/or the Thieves Premium Starter Kit.  These options are as easy as checking a box.

Show or Hide Pricing of Starter Kits – You will have the choice of showing the pricing for the premium starter kits or to not show them.  Again this is as easy as checking a box in your profile area.

Events Calendar – We offer a robust Events Calendar that allows you to advertise for upcoming classes, events or anything else you might want to invite people to attend.  Again, this is optional, meaning you can choose to show a link to your calendar on your home page or not.

Capture Leads for Emails or Newsletters – Optionally you can choose to capture your prospect’s email contact information and integrate it for your newsletters, email campaigns (that you’ve written), make a class invite or simply offer your prospect something for free, such as oil samples etc.  But this allows you to stay in touch with those prospects who provide their information.  This is an advanced feature of our site, utilizing the “Slide In” feature that can be integrated with Aweber, MailChimp or any other contact email management system if they offer you the integration html code.  Since this is an advanced feature of our website we do offer a recorded webinar training class so you can learn how to do this.

Sponsor Change Option – This is an option for business builders who want to place new wholesale members under someone else in their team (when they are trying to drive depth in their legs).  You are able to put in the Young Living number of the team member who you want to place new people under and it will auto-fill on the YL side when a new person is signing up.

Business Partner Mode – This feature allows two people to share one site as business partners. It allows a prospect to order from either person, as a choice.  The setup is easy, but recommend you watch out basic set up video so it works seamlessly for you.

Promotions – We offer you the ability to show Young Living special promotions on your home page.  This is available in the US and Canadian market right now. For instance, each month Young Living offers free products for different size orders and we offer a banner that goes on your home page – if you want to show it you just check the box in your profile section.

Landing Page – Yes, we offer a landing page with ideas of creating more options in the future. This landing page comes with your site and has a special link that you can share.  You’ll find this link in your website dashboard once you have a site with us.  Here is an example of the current landing page:

Training Videos – We offer training videos that go over all important aspects of our site, so even if you don’t know how to utilize all of our features, you could learn.   Such as Events, Blogging, “Slide In” Email Capture System and the basics of how to set up your website to make it do what you want it to do.

Domain Name Redirect – Yes, if you own your own domain name you are able to redirect it to your site.  We fully recommend GoDaddy as they do not charge extra for this feature and they are super easy to work with.  Not all domain names will redirect and some might charge you.  We suggest you do your homework before buying one.  It is super important not to mask it.  Masking will keep your YLDist site from being mobile friendly and will not allow you to log in or customize.

Affiliate Referral Cash – We pay you for referring customers to us.  Read more about that here:

Australian Version – We offer you the option to have your website in the Australian version.  This is currently available but still in its growth phase (called beta).  We have plans to make the Australian site far more robust, however it works perfectly fine as it is.  See an example of that site here:

Canadian Version – Similarly we offer a Canadian version of our site that is still in its growth phase.  Again, this version of our site works fine as is, but there are plans to bring more to it.  See an example of that site here:

Support – We offer unlimited, fast and FREE tech support for you with your YLDist website.  Never fear, we are always here!