Name: Sarah Campbell
Member #: 2447607
Phone: (419) 309-1553
The year 2013 was life changing for me. I experienced devastating things, but I try to consider them blessings in disguise. I started getting extremely sick with all sorts of symptoms. Skin rashes, blisters on my eyelids, sores in my mouth, flu-like symptoms, and more. I had multiple visits to the doctor just to hear there was nothing wrong with me. I started researching, out of desperation. I found that toxic mold, in our home, was making me sick. We knew we had mold. Everyone told us, "It's fine. Just clean it with bleach". In my research, I came across an article with testimonies about how Thieves Oil helped with mold spores in the air, cleaning of surfaces, and even helping with the internal colonization of candida. I ordered a Thieves Starter Kit. The Thieves products helped tremendously. However, our home was too far gone. We had to walk away from our home and all of our belongings. I had to start all over again. This is when I started becoming passionate about eating organic and removing toxins from my skin care products and shower products. But it wasn't by utilizing all Young Living Products... yet. I never researched further into the essential oils. Only Thieves. My skin was still horrible and I tried thousands of dollars worth of over the counter products.

Also in 2013, I was involved in a car accident. Someone ran a stop sign and my car was airborne, quickly spun around a few times, and I hit a few poles. Within a short time, I started experiencing a lot of problems. I was first diagnosed with severe whiplash. But something wasn't right. I was suffering more than whiplash symptoms and I was not healing. After a year of frustration, from not knowing what was wrong with me, I was diagnosed with Chiari Brain Malformation and Tethered Spinal Cord. I had surgery on my spine with not much relief. Following spine surgery, I had brain decompression surgery. Neither surgeries have given me relief of my symptoms. I can no longer work or be active like I used to be. There is no cure for Chiari. Having surgery only stops progression of the damage it causes. Few people experience relief of symptoms after surgery. Of coarse, I was not one of them. In losing the ability to be active and the depression I felt I gained an extreme amount of weight and almost gave up on myself.

Giving up is not who I am. It's not fair to God or my loved ones. The doctors and surgeons can no longer do anything to help me. It's up to me to do what I can to live a healthier lifestyle. Eating better and 'kickin the toxins' are two of the most important steps. I've thrown myself into learning about essential oils and their benefits. I've 'ditched and replaced' most of the toxins in our home, by using Young Living products, not the over-the-counter garbage. I'm always trying new oils. There is not a single Young Living product that has not helped me. The products are so spectacular. This is what empowers me to try to influence others into healthier lifestyles. I am very passionate about sharing products that are so beneficial and free of toxic chemicals.

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