Spring Cleaning the Easy Way

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  Ok. I’m just be honest here. We’re all friends right? You can handle it right?  Good. OK…here it goes…I don’t like to clean! I get barely an ounce of satisfaction from scrubbing down my baseboards or mopping the floors. But since we are not just friends, but also adults then we can all agree that cleaning is a necessary thing. So, if I’m going to do it, I at least want to make sure I’m doing it right. And that I’m not taking extra steps that are unnecessary.  I need the easy way to clean and Young Living has … Read More

Get a Fresh Start in March!

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Each month when Young Living offers a new group of products that we can receive for free, I am always encouraged to learn better how to use them. Some of them are already a part of my most loved collection of oils, while others I often have never tried!  Maybe it is the same for you so I hope you can find a reason to love each of these just as I have. I love this Vitality oil! In the morning, a couple of drops of this in my Ningxia Red adds another layer of delicious flavor and system support. … Read More

Treat Yourself Right in February!

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As a mom, I can get so busy taking care of everyone else that I forget to take care of myself. It happened last week and I ended up with a 3 day headache! And that made me mad because then I couldn’t take very good care of anybody! It’s not hard to take care of myself, I have to be intentional about it though. This month, Young Living is offering some really great oils that are perfect for ME-time. And when you place a qualifying order, these products will come to you free of charge! Lemongrass is definitely a … Read More

Ringing in 2017…the YL way!

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  Here is number 582 million reason why I love Young Living. They are so stinkin’ generous! In January, if you place an order of at least 300 PV, they will send you products for FREE with a retail value of $255!! The oils they are sending this month are some of my absolute favorites!! Eucalyptus Globulus is in the diffuser quite a bit this time of year. It smells awesome, but is so great at opening up your sinuses! Diffuser along with Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata and Frankincense while you sleep! Basil Vitality stays in my kitchen spice cabinet. This … Read More

Are You Excited about December?

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I love how every month, when I place my order for products my family already uses, Young Living sends me additional products for FREE!  That doesn’t happen to me when I go to the grocery store! When I buy my normal list of food for the week, no one is standing there when I check out giving me more groceries because I came back. But Young Living does! In December, they were feeling especially generous. When we place a qualifying order (100, 190, 250 or 300PV) we receive some super special things. NITRO!!!!!  If you have a heartbeat, you can … Read More