Are You Excited about December?

Dana BaileyMembership Perks, Monthly Rewards


I love how every month, when I place my order for products my family already uses, Young Living sends me additional products for FREE!  That doesn’t happen to me when I go to the grocery store! When I buy my normal list of food for the week, no one is standing there when I check out giving me more groceries because I came back.

But Young Living does!

In December, they were feeling especially generous. When we place a qualifying order (100, 190, 250 or 300PV) we receive some super special things.

nitro2NITRO!!!!!  If you have a heartbeat, you can benefit from Nitro! The energy packed into these little tubes is so great!  Infused with essential oils like Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Spearmint & Peppermint.

It is sweetened with coconut nectar and contains the all so popular because it is so awesome-Ningxia Wolfberry! There are only 20 calories per shot and 40 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.

I personally love to add a tube of Nitro to my 2 oz shot of Ningxia Red around 3:00pm to help with that mid-day slump! It is a gentle boost of energy without the crash later than comes with the popular energy drinks. When you get your Nitro, add a drop or two of Orange Vitality to it (because that is free too)!

The other awesome part of our December rewards is a brand new, exclusive blend, EXCITE!


This blend is of course properly named once you realize all that is in it! The aroma is spicy and invigorating and awakens the senses. I can’t wait to try this blend!

If you are ordering through Essential Rewards, you will receive Tea Tree & Nutmeg essential oils. These are fabulous in the diffuser.

Tea Tree is great for all things skin & hair so add it to your favorite moisturizer or shampoo. This oil along with other skin benefiting oils like Frankincense and Lavender are great in a sugar scrub as well.

Nutmeg has a warm and spicy aroma and blends really well with any of the Citrus oils in the diffuser.

Abundance is a blend that I learned to love. I enjoy diffusing it with Orange or Tangerine. The aroma is invigorating and seems to help me stay on task better.

December is the month our focus turns to others as we give of our time and resources.  Sharing our love for the health giving products by Young Living essential oils with others can be such a special gift to give. Whether it is  just a simple drop of Lavender into the hands of a friend having a hard day or giving a bottle of your favorite oil to someone who needs it.


When giving is an action of the heart, the blessing is extended to both sides.

I hope you are able to receive the blessing of giving and receiving this Christmas season!