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March rewards

Each month when Young Living offers a new group of products that we can receive for free, I am always encouraged to learn better how to use them. Some of them are already a part of my most loved collection of oils, while others I often have never tried!  Maybe it is the same for you so I hope you can find a reason to love each of these just as I have.

lime vitality

I love this Vitality oil! In the morning, a couple of drops of this in my Ningxia Red adds another layer of delicious flavor and system support.

We love using Lime Vitality to flavor guacamole. Here is my super easy recipe.

  • 4 avocados smashed
  • 2-3 drops of Lime Vitality
  • 1 Tablespoon of JuvaSpice (yes, this is a YL product)
  • 2 drops of Black Pepper Vitality essential oil
  • Pink Himalayan salt to taste.

A component of citrus essential oils is limonene. Please look that up and see why incorporating citrus essential oils into your daily health regimen is so important!


Blue Cypress is an essential oil I have never tried before so I was really excited to see it in the line up this month. This held a lot of respect in the ancient cultures.

Blue Cypress

Blue Cypress essential oil supports a healthy respiratory system*. Traditionally it has been used to be supportive of the body’s natural response to irritation; as well as aiding normal breathing.

The Australian Aborigines burned the heart wood to repel mosquitoes and midges; and also used it to moisturize dry skin in the desert environment.

The oil is a magnificent azure blue color! This comes from guaiol and guaiazulene which are known to reduce the body’s response to irritation. It is the only wood that contains these components.

This oil also has historical use as an additive in perfumes for its stabilizing properties.

I can’t wait to try this one!

I was so excited when I saw this announced as a new product several years ago. Up until that point, we were making our own fruit and veggie wash using essential oils. Now Young Living has once again made life easier while still providing us with a safe way to clean our produce.

Thieves veggie washMy daughter lived in the Philippines for nine months and she took this with her because she had heard how easy it was to get sick if you ate the produce. She used this to wash her fruits and vegetables and never got sick. However one of her partners on the trip did get very sick and had to spend some time in the hospital after she ate fresh vegetables that had not been washed with the Thieves veggie wash.

We don’t really have to worry about that here, but our produce does come to us covered in chemicals. So, cleaning our produce well before we eat them is really important.



Lavender is probably one of the most popular essential oils Young Living has. The uses for this oil are so numerous there is no way I could list them all here for you.

We have a saying in our home,4

“If you don’t know what essential oil to use, use Lavender first. Either it will work, or the aroma will help calm you so you can figure out what else you need to use.”

We use this oil for EVERYTHING. We keep bottles of it all over the house because you just never know when someone will need it.

Young Living also offers Lavender Vitality so you can add it to a capsule to support your respiratory system during this everything-is-blooming time of year.

The lavender industry is huge. Most lavender that is grown and harvested is meant for the perfume industry. The end product is a bottle of chemicals and synthetics made to smell like lavender, but does not have the same value or benefits of pure unadulterated lavender essential oil.

Young Living Lavender is of the purest form, giving it some wonderful therapeutic qualities. Don’t be fooled by the copycats. Don’t use a bottle of essential oil if it has warnings on it. That means it is not 100% Lavender and we cannot guarantee the quality of that oil. So, be careful.


There is a reason why they brought Frankincense to Jesus when he was born! It is very valuable and very versatile! Frankincense is one of those oils that we always keep because when you need it it is too late to order it! I encourage you to do a little research on this oil. They have made some amazing discoveries about this oil!

Daily uses for this oil can include applying a drop over your heart for healthy emotions. Adding a drop to your morning moisturizer. Diffusing to create a calming aroma. This essential oil is great for the brain and is found in most of the emotion blends Young Living offers.

Frankincense also comes as a Vitality oil so you can add it to your Ningxia Red or put it in a capsule to support your immune system.



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