Let’s Talk Pits

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Let’s talk pits. Armpits to be exact!

Arm pits are kind of like excuses. We all have them and some of them really stink!

A few years ago as I was continuing my search for better products for my family, deodorant was one of those that I realized was just as important as the supplements, food and essential oils that we chose.

We have lymph nodes in our arm pits. They function as a filter to our immune system and blood stream. They are there to protect us from the “bad guys”. If they can’t function well, our filter system is compromised to put it simply. We need them to work. When they don’t illness & disease like cancer happen.

Our bodies detox by sweating so we need to use a deodorant that allows us to do that.

I like this post that details 7 ingredients in deodorant that we need to avoid.

So, we need to show our pits all the love!

Young Living has 2 deodorant options for us.YLdeodorant

My husband and my daughter love the AromaGuard deodorant.  There is no aluminum in these. Aluminum is bad for you. Google it if you don’t know why we should avoid all aluminum products.

From the YL website…

Young Living’s natural deodorants are an aluminum-free alternative to commercial products. Both contain  contains coconut oil, beeswax, vitamin E.

Meadow Mist is infused with pure essential oils such as Lemon and Lavender.

Mountain Mint is infused with Rosemary, lemon and other essential oils.

My husband has a very active job. He is on his feet working for 10-12 hours a day. He does a lot of sweating and the Mountain Mint deodorant has kept him from getting stinky.

But, I like my daughter’s story better! When she lived in the Philippines for 10 months she took 4 of the Meadow Mist deodorants with her. She expected to buy deodorant again. But she didn’t. Not only did Young Living’s deodorant keep her pits nice & stink free, but while all of her friends were applying multiple times a day (because their commercial brands weren’t cutting it) and having to buy more every couple of week, Sarah’s deodorant lasted her for 9 months. She had to buy deodorant 2 weeks before she came home!

But, we are all different and have different preferences and bodies.

Even though my husband and daughter really like the AromaGuard deodorant, I wasn’t as much of a fan. I tried it, and just didn’t like it. So, don’t think me crazy, but here is what I used instead.


Yes. That is toothpaste. I know. But, my friend said that it worked for her so  I thought I would try it. Ya know what? It worked great!! I was pretty shocked. Thieves Aromabright toothpaste is awesome on my teeth and my pits!

Pit paste & tooth paste! 2 in one! Can life get any better?

Aromabright is infused with the essential oils that are also in the Thieves blend.

So, it worked and it didn’t have the chemicals that I wanted to avoid. Win! Win!

Ok, so what it you are not into putting toothpaste on your pits.  I get it. My kids don’t really like the idea either.  Another option is to make your own deodorant. I did this for about a year with great results.

DIY Deodorant

I loved using essential oils like, Orange & Lavender.  Rosemary & Lemon. Thieves, Basil, Peppermint. The choices are endless! Essential oils have their own added benefits so why not!

Don’t forget, I only buy my essential oils from Young Living, as that is the only company I trust. Their Seed to Seal promise of purity can’t be found by any other brand!