Men Can Use Essential Oils too {free download}

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EOs for Dudes


Essential Oils are not just for women and kids! Men can benefit too. In fact, once most men understand the benefits of essential oils they become even more commited to them than anyone else in the family.



He worked all day and then came home to get the yard ready for that party y’all have had planned for months. That evening he falls into bed, not saying a word and you know he needs a little extra TLC. There is no better way to say thank you for all he did than a good massage with Panaway and Peppermint in a carrier oil all over his back.

He will really like the cooling relief of Cool Azul sports gel before and after his workout. Keep Deep Relief handy too in case he decides to push himself a little harder than usual. His legs will tell him about it tomorrow and Deep Relief is like telling his muscles, “It’s ok. You’ll make it”.


I honestly don’t know of a better smell on my husband than Shutran! When YL introduced the shave gel I knew I had to get that for my man! It not only smells amazing on him, but it supports his skin really well.


Thieves oral care is simply just something that should be in every YL members bathroom cabinet.  Thieves supports our teeth and gums so well that our dentist is impressed. 7a-OFD-Time-to-EatI don’t know about your man, but mine really likes to eat. I try to make sure we have healthy meals at home, but he also eats at work. So, this is when I make sure he is stocked on his digestive supplements to keep his digestive system healthy and working properly.


Seriously! Lemon is good for so many things. My son calls it his “happy oil”. My son is a mechanic and he uses it often to clean the grime off his hands. The uses of this oil are numerous! It truly is the duct-tape of essential oils!


Would a pdf of all these tips be more helpful? I have put together a download for you to print out full of helpful DIY tips for using essential oils with your man!


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