Summer Survival

Dana BaileyHealthy Habits

June 2017


Summer is in full swing at the Bailey house.

My calendar is quickly filling up with trips, camps, playdates and more. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I love the change of pace and I hate the loss of routine.  But, I’m learning to embrace and enjoy it and focus on making fun memories with my kids.

Our Young Living products can help make our summer even better. My friend, Ann Williams of the “Granola Girls” shared some really fabulous tips for summer and I wanted to pass them on to you.

Summer Travel

For us, one of my greatest challenges during the summer is eating healthy because we are continually on the go. Thankfully, Young Living makes that a little easier. Along with packing some fruit & veggies I like to include Wolfberry Crisp bars and the Slique bars. My kids love them so that is proof they are yummy and do not taste like cardboard. Einkorn Granola is a relatively new product and it is absolutely a must. It goes well on top of yogurt or just alone as a snack! My GF kids enjoy this without any tummy issues. SCORE!

When our mornings are rushed a smoothie made with Ningxia Red, Pure Protein Complete and frozen fruit is always a win!  Actually, that works well anytime of day when we are in a rush and still need a good meal.

Summer Travel

Do you have a road trip planned? Don’t forget to pack these along with your swimsuit and flipflops.

Aromaease is a fabulous blend that we take on long road trips. Sometimes your tummy can’t take the constant movement in a car. Aromaease to the rescue. This blend of is mild in aroma, but powerful in support! Take your diffuser & diffuse in the car!

When we are on the road, we eat food that we often don’t normally eat. This is why supplements like ComforTone, Essentialzymes and Essentialzymes-4 are so important. When we need a little extra digestive support to handle that cheeseburger and fries, these are a must for me. Don’t forget about Peppermint Vitality and Digize Vitality for added support to our digestion.

Don’t touch that!

How many times do we say that to our kids when we are visiting places and sites.  Thieves spray and hand purifier should go everywhere your kids hands go! Just saying…

I love that we don’t have to compromise our health as we travel. All it takes is a little planning and we can enjoy our summer and continue to support our health.

I hope these tips are helpful to you! I hope you enjoy a fabulous summer with your kids!


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