Cookbook Giveaway!

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COOKBOOK GIVEAWAY! The winner I pick on Monday, 8/27/2018, will get their choice of one of the following essential oil cookbooks. If you don’t have the particular essential oils needed she gives substitutions. SideKicks – Gluten Free Salads, Soups, Zoodles, and Quinoas or Love Bites – Gluten Free Cookies, Bites, Bars, and Bombs. Share one area you would like to see improvement in your life, such as overall health, emotions, energy, better sleep, weight-loss, etc., all of the above? LOL! Share below your one item!
sidekicks Love Bites

6 Comments on “Cookbook Giveaway!”

  1. Lisa

    As you already know I love everything about youngliving and I would love to have one if the cookbooks to my collection.

  2. Martha

    Eating gluten-free has changed my life! I’d love to add one of these cookbooks to my collection to enhance my knowledge of gluten free foods to make.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m very certain I need to engage in a weight loss endeavor before it’s jeans season again and I have to stuff myself back in them 😜

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