Bad Oils

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What sets YL apart from other companies?

Advice from  Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, founder and scientific director of Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and author of numerous books in the field of aromatherapy among them Medical Aromatherapy, Advanced Aromatherapy and The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils.

From Kurt’s blog under the title of “The Human Element I” he states, “Clearly one cannot do this every time for every oil on the list. But we believe that the contact to the actual producer is an indispensable element of every attempt to procuring authentic oils. In our experience adulteration never happens at the level of the producer. The know how to reconstruct, standardize or adjust essential oils is found in the big brokerages who often can sell essential oils for less than they cost at the source.”

Visitors are welcome to visit the farms and watch the distillation process 6 days a week.

YL is a trusted, reputable source for pure, unadulterated essential oils. Don’t buy bad oils!