Latest and Greatest: YL’s Newest Products

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One of my favorite part of being a Young Living Member is the opportunity of attending the Young Living convention each year! Young Living’s International Grand Convention is an unforgettable annual event where our leadership inspires curiosity in our members through education, motivation, and new product unveilings. Young Living was ecstatic to release more than 10 new products at the convention this year! From “happy dances” to fun selfies, Young Living members have been finding their own ways of showing the love for these innovative new products. Check out their comments below:

“Northern Lights Black Spruce is very light, and it smells unique—nothing like any other essential oil I have smelled. Its aroma is very uplifting!” Karen Stroke, Gold, Texas

NingXia Zyng: “I was a collegiate pole vaulter and other sports drinks have always been too sugary for me. NingXia Zyng is light and refreshing!” Tara Phillips, Executive, Texas

Chocolate-Coated Slique Bars: “They were really great and had a surprising hint of orange at the end! I’m excited to try these at home!” Tasha Porter, Star, Texas

Light the Fire: “I definitely smelled the spice of the Light the Fire blend at first. I love it; it smells so good!” Emily Anderson, Platinum, Texas

Thieves Laundry Soap: “Everyone has been asking for a product like this for the four years I’ve been in Young Living. We have always used Thieves Household Cleaner because it is so versatile. This looks great and the marketing is great. It’ll be a hot seller!” Maria Jones, Gold, Australia

Cool Azul Sports Cream: “I feel so invigorated! There are a lot of dimensions of smell; at first I smelled one essential oil, now I smell another. It’s cool and refreshing after application. It’s actually cooling!” Kirby Smith, Executive, Tennessee

Pure Protein Complete“I really liked the vanilla Pure Protein Complete. I think I’ll really like it with almond milk because it’ll be extra creamy.” Laura Erdman-Luntz, Gold, New York

Thieves Dish Soap: “I really liked the citrusy smell of Thieves Dish Soap; it doesn’t have a heavy cinnamon smell. It was a very uplifting scent with the Jade Lemon™ essential oil.” Michele Ruhmann, Executive, Florida

KidScents Diffusers: “The kids will love it! I think the parents will, too. A lot of parents and families want multiple diffusers because the kids have been hollering, ‘Can I have a diffuser?’ Now when parents buy these diffusers, they are buying an interchangeable base that’s just for the kids.” Nancy Harden, Silver, Indiana

Experience the new products firsthand and add them to your next order! What new product launched at the convention are you looking forward to ordering? Let me know your top picks in the comments!

I look forward to hearing from you. If you’d like more information on Young Living or on Reflexology, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Deb Sagisser, NBCR