A Better Way to Make Your Wellness Decisions…

Bonita ShelbyAncient Ways for Modern Days, pass it on...

Tired of guessing about nutritional supplements or essential oils? Here’s a solution…

When I do a ZYTO Compass scan on myself to see what it reports that my body prefers from Young Living Essential Oils and infused supplements, I’m usually either amazed at how spot on it is or it goes totally over my head and then later, sometimes much later, I find out why certain products were reported. It’s an amazing tool to help in zeroing in on what the body is choosing to help support it – the report is personalized for your personal wellness goals!

I’ve had the ZYTO Compass for about 12 years now and even though it still amazes me, I was blown over when I saw what the ZYTO Balance can do. So, very soon, I’ll be upgrading to the ZYTO Balance. In the meantime, I’ll continue to offer ZYTO Compass scans for $50.

ZYTO technology uses Galvanized Skin Response, similar to the lie detector, so expect it to read your mail! It’s quick, easy, painless, harmless and very intuitive! You will get a report of Young Living Essential Oils and/or infused supplements and we will discuss it so you can know what your body is saying it prefers.

Schedule your ZYTO Compass: Bonita Shelby, 301-250-0233 or info@DiVineHealthChoices.com

Schedule your ZYTO Balance: Cynthia Crockett, 202-315-8182 or CynthiaEmpowers@gmail.com

If you want your own system, you have a choice between these options: ZYTO Compass, ZYTO Balance, ZYTO Select, ZYTO Elite or ZYTO EVOX. Whichever one you choose, please use my referral link.

More info about each one of these systems is here…click Products &/or Learn for the details.

If you have general questions, please contact me, Bonita Shelby, 301-250-0233 or info@DiVineHealthChoices.com