You’ve Got to Have a Plan!

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My long time, since high school, friend Stephanie Smith is a big planner! I just found this out about her after we reacquainted ourselves after many years. Whether social, recreational or major life-altering events, she says we must be intentional about where we’re going and what we’re doing to get there. She summed up her insightful process in the post … Read More

A snippet of my breast cancer diagnosis journey on podcastDX…

Bonita ShelbyPurpose, Destiny and Legacy

From the podcastDX website… Bonita was diagnosed with breast cancer in her left breast, 29 years ago when she was 36 years young. She had conventional treatments: lumpectomy, aggressive chemotherapy, radiation and Christian Psychotherapy. The diagnosis set a path and journey of a complete lifestyle change for her, including a deeper relationship with her LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, eliminating … Read More

Are you living for the weekend or your legacy?

Bonita ShelbyPurpose, Destiny and Legacy

Your life makes a difference for generations to come, whether you have children or not because you are your brothers’ keeper. A framed poster of a sunset in my home office has a thought provoking saying: “The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.  James” What will be your life’s legacy for the generations? Bonita Shelby, BOOMer!™           … Read More

Purpose, Destiny and Legacy

Bonita ShelbyPurpose, Destiny and Legacy

Purpose, Destiny and Legacy – I believe these are guideposts for a fulfilled life; they are different, connected and related. When we operate from/in our Purpose, it should unfold into living out our Destiny which should lead to leaving a Legacy. Seeing the link is a key to staying on/in Purpose where Destiny and Legacy will be able to seamlessly … Read More