Introducing Makers/Experts…Bead Jewelry Maker: Janette Rodrigues – Personal Diffuser Bracelets by SankofaBeads

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Introducing Makers/Experts…

Bead Jewelry Maker: Janette Rodrigues – Personal Diffuser Bracelets by SankofaBeads

I met Janette for a business-related reason other than making Lava Bead Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelets, (which I call, Aroma Jewels.) But of course, it’s always that way; we meet someone for one reason and there are a host of reasons to have had that encounter!

So, here we are! We have a professional Bead Jewelry Maker who fulfills our need for Aroma Jewels, made by SankofaBeads! They are beautiful, stylish and reasonably priced for all budgets! Some of the decorative beads Janette uses are considered antiques, ask her about them.

How do you use the Aroma Jewels Bracelet?

  1. Use the highest quality (single or blend) essential oil of your choice to set the intended mood for the day.
  2. Drop one drop onto the Lava Bead only (not on the other beads).
  3. Sniff the bead at different times during the day to refresh your Aromatherapy experience.

Our agreement is that you will buy the Lava Bead Bracelets from her and your Seed to Seal (Real) Essential Oils from me. Please be sure you get the best of the rest of the essential oils in the industry, you know. (No wannabes or short cuts because we can only guarantee the highest quality if purchased directly from us.)

If you have questions, please contact either of us through our website Contact links.

Bonita Shelby for info about essential oils options or why use a Personal Diffuser Bracelet

Janette Rodrigues for anything about her handcrafted Personal Diffuser Bracelets

P.S. I have the multi shades of blue beauty on the right, which one will you get?