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Bonita ShelbyLet's Move!

Stand Up Desk in DHC office 2018After over two years of having the Stand Up Desk from Miracle Desk, I’m now able to give an assessment of how it works for me. See the thread below from a Facebook post for some and then a summary after it.

Bonita Williams Shelby: I plan to stand more now that my Stand Up Desk is assembled & placed (after two years 🙄) Desktop Strategy courtesy of my neighbor, Judy Hasbrouck, Furniture Strategist 202-262-DESK (3375)…

Judy Hasbrouck: Hi, Looks good! Thank you for sharing. Did your desk top location increase your motivation, ideas and/or workarea? If anyone else is ready to organize their workspace, let me know @ 202-262 DESK(3375).

Bonita Williams Shelby Yes! Motivated to stand for many routine tasks and to keep my work areas organized & in order. Thank you Judy, you are a natural!

Assessment Summary:

I find having the Stand Up ddesk as a convenient way to get in the habit of standing up for routine tasks, feeling the burn and then sitting at the right time. This is a wellness choice/decision intention that has manifested to empower me! I’m very satisfied with this simple, new workday tool.

Please read the prior Let’s Move blog posts for the benefits you can expect from standing more than sitting every day!

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