You’ve Got to Have a Plan!

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FB_IMG_1536794921894My long time, since high school, friend Stephanie Smith is a big planner! I just found this out about her after we reacquainted ourselves after many years.

Whether social, recreational or major life-altering events, she says we must be intentional about where we’re going and what we’re doing to get there. She summed up her insightful process in the post below.

Stay tuned…we will have a podcast soon with Stephanie to chat around this important topic.



Planning is the impetus to meeting goals and can be the result of great accomplishments.  It is such a small act that can yield huge rewards. Rewards include moving forward/getting unstuck; achieving goals, completing projects or missions, providing a true sense of accomplishment, and lastly, giving you peace of mind.

Your plan can be simple or extensive!  If you ever had to travel from point A to point B, planning the trip was imperative.  You can get in your car and drive around and around, wasting time and money (gas). With a plan, however, you save both.  Your plan can be as simple as using an app to assist you or mapping your way, streets and turns.

Where to start with your plan?  Just like driving, you must have an “end point”.  Call it a goal, project, mission, dream, whatever word works best for you, but it’s what you wish to accomplish.  Your end point should be specific, otherwise, you waste time and resources trying to accomplish an “undefined”.

Using your end point, start by defining three (3) to five (5) things that will allow you to reach it.  You can list them as items, 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C. If you are a visual person, it may help to write them down and have them front and center as a constant reminder.  I know this helps me. I carry the plan around with me. Others may post them in a prominent location so that again, it is a constant reminder. Your list will include actions/resources needed to accomplish your end point.  

Next, how long will you give yourself to meet your accomplishment; this is your timeframe.  For any plan, you must be committed, and invest the time necessary to reach your end point. With this, you have a plan ready for execution.   Lastly, pray to God for blessings and direction for those things you wish to accomplish.

You should also understand that not all plans are foolproof.  If you fail, don’t despair; move on to Plan “B”, your next attempt.  Keep moving forward!

Stephanie Smith