Carrier Oils 101

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What is a Carrier Oil?   Essential Oil lingo can be a bit overwhelming when you first start learning about how to use them!  LOL!  I felt like I was going back to school when I first got a  Starter Kit and was wanting to know how to use the amazing oils that I had been introduced to.  If you are going to use Young Living essential oils topically you will usually dilute them with what is called a “Carrier Oil”.  For example, when I apply essential oils to my skin for moisturizer after a shower, I will put about a 1/2 TBS of coconut, almond, or apricot oil in my hand and add several drops of the oil of choice – lavender, stress away, peace & calming, etc.. and rub into my skin.  The carrier oil dilutes the essential oils (Young Living uses only the first distillation so the oils are 100% pure and are very potent) and helps the oil be absorbed on my skin easier!  So, wala!  Instant, pure, amazing smelling, non-toxic goodness on my skin!

This little chart helps to explain which oils are best for using with different skin types.



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