Everday Essentials For the Everday Family

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There isnt a day we aren’t grabbing one of these wonderful oils, there probably isn’t an hour, really, that we aren’t receiving their amazing benefits. Our entire family, mom, dad, and 3 boys, 10, 11 and 18 are using these for everything you can imagine.  Just this morning, lemon was dropped into mom and dads water for their morning routine.  Lots of kids have been sick at school, so the little boys got there daily foot rub down for preventative maintenance last night and again this morning.  Last Friday, while trying to determine who was the “strongest”, the oldest sprang his wrist, ice packs and Panaway to the rescue…  From tired backs, working on tractors, to skinned knees from climbing hills, we have an oil for it right at our fingertips!

Yep, we are regular folks with normal boys, and those with boys know what I mean.  Thank goodness for The Everday Essential Oils!

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