How it Began.

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How did it all begin? Little steps along the way…

With my first Pregnancy in 1996, I was brand new to the “holistic world”.  It began with Bradley Birthing classes, which brought about Nutrional Eating, which led to La Leche League Learning and so on. Then my first little man was born and my world changed. I was eager to be the best mommy I could be and do the best I could for this new little person.  It was a bit daunting at first, there is so much information out there and so many naysayers.  Even well meaning family can disuade your best endeavors to go against the grain.  (pun intended) 🙂

The more I learned the more I felt I was doing the best thing for our small family of three.  I would read, learn, pray and try some of this and some of that, getting a bit healthier along the way.  Then, after the birth of my second son in 2004, I was a full-on, homeschooling, organic-prepping, goat-milking momma!  Things were great, life was full, and then came Young Living!  I was listening to a radio program on our local Arizona radio station and the guest was Janet McBride, author of Scriptual Essence, a book that takes a biblical look at Essential Oils. I was skeptical of Essential Oils, as I only saw them in the health food store and thought, those smell nice, but I’d rather buy granola.  I wasn’t aware that they could be very beneficial to your health.  (Young Living Essential Oils, certainly are!)  I called the number referred on the program and got in touch with a lovely and wonderful lady named Jennifer Goulet, who shared her personal testimony of what Young Living products had meant to her and her family.  We talked for an hour and I was in NO WAY coerced to “buy” anything, she genuinely wanted to share her excitement and belief in Young Living and the wonderful changes it brought to her.   I thought, why not give them a try, what have I got to lose?  Boy, was that another life-changing moment.  Not only did Young Living’s Products produce results, they were therapeutic to the max.  I, like Jennifer, had to share how much I was “in love” with these oils.  I shared with friends and family, some very curious and others not so much. But, it wasn’t about a business, it was about better health.  It was the best investment I could have ever made into my family’s health and I wouldn’t be without them.

Fast-forward three years later, another beautiful son and a devastating divorce.  My life came crashing down, as did my “perfect” little world of home, health, and happiness.  My little brood and I moved to Texas to be near family and to begin anew.  It was a rough first few years as we made many changes, some not so food-healthy or affordable life changes, but we were together and that’s all that mattered. I wish then, I had embraced the opportunity Young Living had to offer, but I was busy just keeping us together and as happy as a devastated family can be.  We were still an “oily” family, but our homesteading ways were gone for a season and it took a while to get back on track…

Then, as life moved on, five years later, I met a wonderful man and father of two, who had experienced a similar story and had himself picked up the pieces and raised his kiddos alone for the past 7 years.  We shared a love of family, faith and occasional juicing. 🙂 As our friendship grew, I shared Young Living with him and he embraced it wholly.  A year later we were married and the juicing continues, though we aren’t always the best at eating perfect, especially when you live in Blue Bell country!

Our Young Living Business has grown out of a unified passion to see others experience THE BEST Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils out there.  Our hope is that, like us, you desire to see your family grow in wisdom and health and do as much as possible to embrace your own wellness.  We aren’t perfect people, or a perfect family, with grown kids, almost grown kids and kids with some growing to do, our days can be a bit comical, but the worst days are better than they used to be and we are always learning and growing.  Come grow with us as we journey together to dwell with wisdom, better health and share these wonderful oils!

Proverbs 21:20

Mark & Virginia

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