Natural Remedy for Fussy Teething Baby

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YL Graphic Teething Copaiba Thieves

Avoid Orajel for Teething Baby   AVOID Orajel for Teething Baby Orajel has several toxic ingredients including Benzocaine, petroleum products, synthetic dye, artificial sweetener Saccharin and MSG-like Artificial Flavor. Research benzocaine for pediatric use and see this warning: Because of benzocaine’s toxicity, use in children under 2 years of age is not recommended. FDA Drug Safety Communication: Reports of a rare, … Read More

Diaper Ointment Recipe – DIY with Essential Oils

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Commercial diaper ointments often contain irritating or harmful ingredients. Avoid the chemicals! Be sure to read the INACTIVE INGREDIENTS on the label. Fragrance on the label hides as many as 300 chemicals! The barrier ingredient is often petroleum-based: petrolatum, paraffin, and mineral oil. Hormone disrupting parabens are still found in commercial products. Talc is still being added to common brands even … Read More

DIY – How to Make Your Own Non-toxic Baby Wipes

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Make your own baby wipes.   Commercial baby wipes = Big Business. The US wipes market is $2.9 billion.  Why not save money and keep your baby away from the common chemicals used to make commercial wipes. There are many ingredients in baby wipes that have no business touching a baby’s bottom. Polysorbate 20 SLS Parabens PEG Phthalates Fragrance If you can … Read More