Sunscreen Safety

Sarah ClaburnNon Toxic Living

So…the last few days the newsfeed has been littered with the news that sunscreens can be toxic. While this is not new news, I’m glad people are finally catching on that just because a product is on the shelf – that does NOT make it safe!!! How many years have I been saying this??? LOL If your skin is your … Read More

DIY Natural Deodorant

Sarah ClaburnEssential Oil Recipes, Natural DIY, Non Toxic Living

You’ve probably heard the reports on antiperspirant not being the best for your body (and if you haven’t, Google it!). So a few winters ago I decided to make my own one day when I was iced in at my house. It was so easy and you can really use whichever oils you prefer. Mine changes each time! lol I … Read More