Name: Sarah Claburn
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My journey began with the simple goal of taking back control of my family's health. I started learning the importance of what goes in and on your body: food, cosmetics, personal care items, and medications. It all has either a positive or a negative impact, and I became and avid label reader. Part of that was being introduced to essential oils by my friend Leah, and learning about the amazing processes used to distill the best oils in the world. It was a natural fit to our lifestyle, and oiling up quickly became just part of our daily routine. I am so thankful to be able to be in control of my family’s wellness! And it’s not just about the essential oils. We have changed many common items like shampoo and toothpaste and have peace knowing they are safer for our household. Young Living is that rare company with the ability to penetrate every aspect of life.

Wellness - both physical and emotional - through products that quickly become a part of everyday life (with incredible benefits). Purpose - through the ability to share the best of nature with others, and change lives in the process. And Abundance - both through a renewed focus on nature's living energy as well as Young Living's lucrative financial rewards program.

Please let me know how I can help!

Whether you have a health issue you're eager to overcome, a desire to create a healthier, safer home for your family, or an interest in joining the Young Living team, my phone and email are always open. You can be one of the millions introduced to a total mind/body wellness you may never have dreamed possible.

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