4 Reasons Why Your Essential Oils Don’t Work

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What???  This is a blog about the awesomeness of essential oils?  So why are we talking about them not working?  Doesn’t that go against everything you have been trying to tell me this whole time I have been reading your stuff?   The answer?  Yes, it is a bit odd for me to tell you that your oils aren’t working, but hear me out…or read me out?  That’s not right…what do you say about a blog???  Um…just stick with me!  Yes, that’s better!  Stick with me here…


This past week I have been dealing with an issue where I fell below the wellness line.  I won’t go in to detail, to remain compliant, but I will tell you that the area of my focus was my left ear.  At the first sign that I was seriously flirting with that wellness line, I busted out my trusted oils and applied them frequently and consistently.  I varied the oils I applied as I was not getting the usual instant positive impact.  I researched and tried various different methods.  I would have a good couple of hours and then it would hit again.  I stumbled around the wellness line for the next 4-5 days.  This weekend, my husband and I took one night to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary!  It was all a surprise that my husband expertly planned and even managed to keep a complete secret until we were on our way!  As such, I pretty much had with me the oils I always keep in my purse – with the exception of the oils in the starter kits…I had taught a class Friday night and they were still in the box!  As our activities for the evening wound down, I started to notice that my ear was not happy again.  Like not just not happy, but the kind of not happy one gets when they haven’t eaten for 12 hours and didn’t sleep the past two nights and someone seriously just colored all over their walls with a permanent marker?!?! And then you turned around and saw that they didn’t just color the walls, but the dining room table, the dog and themselves?!? Deep breaths…deep breaths…deep breaths…it’s ok…Thieves Cleaner…it will be all right…….anyways…my ear was not happy.  It felt like a ton of bricks had just t-boned me flying a 100 mph with rocket boosters and it was fast and out of nowhere!


So, I pulled out what oils I DID have and started faithfully and prayerfully anointing the snot out of my ear (ha ha…like really probably the snot in my ear! 🙂 ).  I was getting no response.  I oiled up with every combination of things I could come up with for about 3.5 hours straight and was on the verge of waking my husband up to drive me to urgent care.  I was frustrated on top of all of this because I didn’t have the oils with me that I just knew I needed!  Then I remembered my “secret weapon”…my handheld bio-metric device.  I had not used it this whole past week because I kept telling myself that it would not be accurate since I had just oiled up.  And I felt like this time (at about 2:15 am) that it wouldn’t really do me any good either because I wasn’t at home with my full arsenal.  But I was desperate and decided to just try it and see what it said.  I usually recommend trying the top 3 items listed when a scan comes up just as a starting place to maximize impact.  However, in this situation, the only products I had with me at the time were two of the ones at the bottom of the list.  I slapped those suckers all over myself anyways.  I.N.S.T.A.N.T. R.E.S.P.O.N.S.E.  Instant.  WHAT???  So I waited about 10 minutes and did it again.  Another, better, instant response.  About 10 minutes later I finally crawled in to bed, exhausted, but in a much better place to be able to sleep.  I woke up this morning with a much happier ear.  When I did get home I made it a point to grab the other products on my scan list so I could use them and have been able to maintain my happy thus far.


So what does that story have to do with the Four Reasons why YOUR essential oils aren’t working?  Well, here are the lessons I learned this weekend from this experience (proof that no matter how long you have been using essential oils, you always have something to learn!):

1.) You Don’t Have Oils With You OR Your Oils Are Unopened.

I gave this one two titles because the concept kind of goes hand in hand when you think about it.  First is that you can’t use what you don’t have.  If I had NOT had the two products with me that I did, I would not have had the same kind of “happy ending” to this story.  Plain and simple truth.  I tried practically every other thing I had with me and was getting no where.  Those two just sat there in my travel case, staring me in the face, taunting me.  In this case I DID have those oils with me, but I wasn’t using them.  The thing is…oils are a bit like “magic” – or at least they feel that way sometimes! – but they can’t do anything from inside the bottle!  You have to open that bottle up for them to make a difference for your situation.  If I had just left those two products sitting there, unwilling to give them a try, they never would have worked for me.  If I didn’t have them with me to begin with, I would not have been able to make it through the night comfortably and maybe would have ended up cutting our trip short.  I am not saying to should keep your entire oils collection with you at all times (though if someone can figure out a way to do that that doesn’t take up a lot of space, that would be amazing!  Like Mary Poppins’ bag or something??), but it is a very good idea to keep a select few with you that you know cover a variety of needs or that you know you use most frequently.  There are a lot of way you can do that.  I started with a cute little key chain case that holds 8 sample size bottles.  I put oils in each bottle from my starter kit, attached it to my key ring and I was all set for oils use on the go!  I have since “graduated” up to a few cases in my purse of varying size and use.  So I do carry quite a few oils with me.  But I rotate them out with the seasons and refill as needed.  I am generally always prepared when I am out and about and it has saved my took us a few times for sure!  Between kids and myself or my husband, we never have one outing where we don’t have to bust out some oils product!  An you may find that the most frequent times you need them are when you are not at home with your primary collection!  You can be big or small with what you keep with you, just keep something with you!


2.)You Have Been Oiling Up For an Hour and Nothing Has Changed.

This was something I learned early on and while I was applying this concept at first, this week, I got lazy and frustrated that I wasn’t getting the results I needed.  The advice was when you need oils for something in particular, try one.  Pick up the first thing on your list of suggested oils to use and use it.  If it doesn’t give you a pretty quick (within 10-15 minutes at the most) positive result, move on to the next one.   Keep trying something until you find the right one for your body at that time.  Yes!  This requires some effort and No! it won’t be easy if you have to keep trying for a bit.  But when you do figure out that one specific product that does the trick – i.n.s.t.a.n.t. r.e.s.p.o.n.s.e. And in my book, that’s better than any other options out there any day.

Because we are all created uniquely with our own chemical make-up, essential oils will react differently for you than they will for me.  That’s just science.  That means that what works amazingly well for you, may not have one bit of an impact on me.  Or maybe it will give me something, but it’s not complete.  Reference books and user groups and even googled recipes are all just suggestions.  Albeit, very well researched and practiced suggestions if you find legitimate resources online or in print, but suggestions still the same.  They are made based on constituents and molecular structure of the oils themselves.  But those suggestions leave out the most important variable – you!  So while they may be able to narrow down the choices to get started with, it will most times require a bit of experimentation and trial and error.  If one thing doesn’t work, don’t give up!  Something will eventually work and it is usually faster and easier than you expected!  I would also mention that this is a quick shout out to the benefits of utilizing a nutrition (bio-metric) scanner.  It can give you a customized list of suggestions to try.  And since it has worked for me every time, I strongly encourage you to either purchase a device your self (if you just have gobs of money laying around you don’t have a use for – they are not super cheap!) or find someone in your group that is local to you and has one.  There may be a scan fee applied, but I’d pay any day if it meant a higher chance of more immediate results!


3.)   The Immediate Health Goal You Are Working On is Just The Tip of The Iceberg.

You guys.  This is where I am going to have to put my tough love hat on.  And this is even more so directed at myself than anything else.  But you simply cannot expect vibrant health to take place over night after one drop of oil touched your skin.  It’s just not possible.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and your body did not get to this place where you have some serious enough health goals that you are willing to shell out $160 on some little bottles and a magic smoke machine overnight!  You may not be having an immediate response, or maybe not a big enough response, because your body is still trying to dig out of the hole it is in and it’s a longer way down there than you thought.  This can be any number of reasons from the food you eat, to the things you drink to the other toxins floating around in your body.  I currently have a situation myself that continuously weakens my immune response.  So something one person might be able to recover from in a day or so, takes me a full week.  Imagine what would happen if I wasn’t supporting my body with natural products at the same time???  It takes time for your body to cleanse and it takes time for your body to recover and sometimes we are so far down that rabbit hole, we have much longer time to get back home!  This is NOT meant to be critical!  Just a perspective changer.  Health goals often require LIFESTYLE CHANGES.  In the two + years we have been using Young Living products, my kids and husband usually have a pretty immediate response to most things.  But I haven’t…until recently!  I would watch them and know these products were working because I could see the change in my family.  I could even feel the change in myself to an extent, but I was not getting the immediate results they were.  But slowly, over the past year, as my body has been able to poke through enough to see light, I am having more and more immediate responses!  I am a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG ways away from joining the surface dwellers full time, but the few pokes of my head out of the underground have been encouraging, uplifting and down right inspiring!  I still have some lifestyle habits to really change and make a commitment to improving. 1) Get regular rest.  As I type this I have had about 6 hours of sleep the past two nights.  That’s not really abnormal for me and sometimes it’s less time per night.  I am always tired!  It is a snowball effect because then I don’t want to exercise and I don’t have enough energy to cook healthy, fuel food for myself or my family and I don’t get things done during the day that I need to, so I am up late trying to catch up!  2) I need to be more intentionally active.  That’s a given and should be pretty self-explanatory.  But I have a way of justifying my lack of movement or turning something that makes me breath hard in to an excuse of a workout.  I need to be intentionally moving for the purpose of keeping my body functioning properly or things start to breakdown.  And while I believe oils CAN help to support the proper function of such things, if they are further in need of repair than most, then I can’t expect them to catch up as fast as anyone else.  3) I need to eat better to ensure I am not clogging up my cleansing and detox systems any more than they already are.  I can’t expect to live above the wellness line if I keep putting junk in.  And my body can’t be properly fueled or function correctly if I am denying it the nutrients and minerals it was created to use.  You see?? I can’t expect these products to work actually like magic!  Harry Potter did not charm each one of these precious bottles before they were shipped to you!  It takes time and effort and a CHANGE to make a CHANGE!


4.) You Feel Alone and Discouraged and Like Your Sponsor Only Wanted To Make a Sale.

Ouch!  If you are a part of my group and you feel this way, first let me say I am sorry!  I have not done a good enough job of supporting you or building an actual relationship with you such that you feel comfortable and safe walking this journey with me.  I have failed you.  I would ask you to reach out to me so that I know that and can change that.  If you are not on my team and you feel this way, I would encourage you to reach out to the person who is sponsoring or mentoring you and talk it out with them.  Most of us are moms or full-time something or others and it was a crazy week (I did not make up that permanent marker story above, ya’ll! That’s real life in the Pringle house!) and we don’t even really remember if our heads are attached still.  That’s not an excuse, but it is an explanation.  Sometimes we get overwhelmed and simply mess up.  But I can promise you that I have worked with a ton of leaders and they genuinely want to be of service to you!  Like me, they really want to see you have success with your goals and know that these products are a huge component in getting there.  Often times we may not even know what your needs are (shame on us for not asking, but it happens) and we just assume someone is helping you with your questions or needs.  Maybe you enrolled under you best friend so they can get the “thank you” referral from Young Living, but they are still learning the basics, too.  Go up further to the person above them (you can find this information in your virtual office in the “My Account” screen.)  and ask for some help.  I promise, we don’t bite!  Our job is to help you and to support you.  You do not have to walk this journey on your own trying to figure things out by yourself.  We will help you figure out where to go and what to do for your individual needs.  We will empower you to create your own solutions and feel confident and comfortable just trying things out!  And most of the time, we are even here for you to ask life questions or talk about non-oils related things!  I have made some great friends because of these products that I would have never crossed paths with otherwise.  This really is a family and sometimes families have to have “family meetings” to work things out.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to answer if someone asks you if you need help, too!  We are all in this together and can learn so much from each other and our varied experiences!  If you don’t already have an Oily Family, I would be honored for you to join ours!  You can explore the “Learning” section at the top of this page or you can “Contact Me” directly to ask specific questions.  If you know you are ready to jump in, you can check out our no-obligation membership options here.  



I want to also point you to another really great post about other ways you may not be getting the results you want.  This post on the blog The Finer Things In Life is a really great one that expands on some of what I shared with you here.

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