AUGUST – The Month of Promise

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For you moms out there like me, August means a return to the “norm” of school for your kiddos.  It means the chance to get in to a regular schedule again and a even a “break” from all the togetherness from the summer.  🙂 Don’t get me wrong…I super love my kids.  I love them when they are crazy and when they are normal human beings.  But I know enough about myself that I know a short break does us all some good!

But the month of August holds other promise as well.  It puts us well over the “hump” of the middle of the year and sends us on our way to the end of the year and all that brings.  Maybe August means new opportunities for you or new schools for growing kids with new extracurricular options.  Maybe it means the start of new life (can you tell I have some expecting babies coming in the family??).  Maybe August just means we are that much closer to the holidays and it’s about to get super crazy in your house!  It means that my favorite seasons – Fall and Winter – are near and there is relief in sight from the staggering Texas heat!  Whatever August may bring to you and your family, it always feels like the start of something for me!

In that same vein I am hoping to start something THIS August.  I am hoping to fill my calendar to capacity this month!  This is not something I have made a huge effort to do in the past.  I have worked on scheduling classes and workshops  every month, but I haven’t made it a goal to have other people really hosting the events I do.  So this month, I have set a goal for myself to teach FIVE classes that I am not the host for.  That means that someone else who is interested in essential oils or someone on my team already offers to host the class and invite friends and family and I do the teaching!  It’s a super easy way to share essential oils with others and let them experience the benefits of the oils for themselves.  Plus it’s a lot of fun to get together with like-minded individuals and share tips and tricks or ideas for maintaining wellness.  We could all use a little fellowshipping time, right!?!?

This month, I am offering a $10 product credit to anyone on my team (or anyone who enrolls with Young Living through me) for hosting a class in August.  That means that you do the inviting and I do the teaching (unless you want to do some of the teaching yourself!). We can do classes at my house, at your house or even at a local business like Starbucks or Panera. I can do classes long distance or in person for locals. It doesn’t take any special equipment or anything like that. We can do entirely virtual classes or a hybrid that works best for your group! We can even do a themed event – Back to School, Teacher’s Survival Guide, New Moms, Kids and Oils, Oils for Guys, Pets and Oils are just a few off the top of my head! Of course, a basics class or even a 201 type class are great for introducing people to oils. Before you say “I just don’t know anyone who is interested!” ask yourself this: Have you invited them to a class on oils before? Have you talked with them about oils? Often times we dismiss our list of potential invitees because we assume they will say no. But you never know unless you try! It’s an easy $10! 🙂

Would you like to schedule a class?  Or if you are not interested in scheduling a class, would you ask someone who you think might be interested?  Of course, prayers for success in kicking off this August would be greatly appreciated, too!


In the mean time, I will be praying for each of you and asking for God’s blessings over you as you venture in to your August and all the promises this month could bring!


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