Oils for Dogs!

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We recently completed an online class all about using essential oils and other Young Living products with your dogs to support their health and wellness.  If you would like to take a look at that class on facebook, you can find it here: Oils for Dogs Class!   But for those of you who would like to check it out … Read More

Black Friday Deals – Oh my!!!

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Aside from Christmas, Black Friday shopping is one of my favorite parts of this season!  I LOVE scoring me some deals!  The thing I love most about Black Friday shopping this year????  Pretty much everything I had my eye on is online!  No lines!  No sleeping on sidewalks!  No pushy people or fights to get what I want!  Just me … Read More

Getting in the Christmas Spirit!

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I know…I know…for many this time of year brings a level of frustration as we basically slip and slide right around all of the important holidays and slam right into Christmas with a resounding thud!  But two things: 1) I cannot begin to tell you how happy Christmas makes me!  It is by far my absolute favorite holiday…with Thanksgiving and … Read More

4 Reasons Why Your Essential Oils Don’t Work

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What???  This is a blog about the awesomeness of essential oils?  So why are we talking about them not working?  Doesn’t that go against everything you have been trying to tell me this whole time I have been reading your stuff?   The answer?  Yes, it is a bit odd for me to tell you that your oils aren’t working, … Read More

It’s Starting to Smell Like Pumpkin Spice…

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Mmmmmmm…..Pumpkin Spice.  There are two kinds of Fall people in my opinion: Those who LOVE everything pumpkin and those who do NOT.  I sit very firmly as Mayor of the “Those Who Love Everything Pumpkin” Camp!  I start waiting for all the pumpkin things at the beginning of August. I get antsy for cooler weather and cinnamon and nutmeg and … Read More

Doing The Happy Dance!!

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Y’all!  Has school started in your area?  It has in mine!  And guess what???  THIS year, I have ALL FIVE kids in school!  Granted, my youngest is in school for a half a day, but it is still three whole hours that I have all by myself!  I have free time to go to the store by myself, to take … Read More

Put An End To Stain Fear!

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I want to talk with you today about something very serious.  Something that is near and dear to my heart.  It’s important to me because I have dealt with this personally for many years.  I even thought, maybe, I was alone.  Nothing I tried helped me.  Nothing I changed with our diet or activities helped.  I was at a loss.  You … Read More

Top 10 Reasons You Need {FREE} Cedarwood

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Ya’ll…I LOVE me some Cedarwood essential oil.  I don’t mean that I love it the way we all say “I love that movie!” or “I love that dress!”  I mean I love me some Cedarwood in a way that I LOVE how it smells!  I love the way it makes me feel!  I love how it makes my children feel! … Read More

AUGUST – The Month of Promise

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For you moms out there like me, August means a return to the “norm” of school for your kiddos.  It means the chance to get in to a regular schedule again and a even a “break” from all the togetherness from the summer.  🙂 Don’t get me wrong…I super love my kids.  I love them when they are crazy and … Read More

Celebrate Freedom Flash Sale

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  As we ‪celebrate Independence Day, I’m reminded of another freedom we have…the freedom of wellness! A wellness that my family took control of and took to our Heavenly Father in his awesomeness and provision…a wellness that He provided to us in the exact ways we needed! Two years ago He guided us to Young Living and this journey began. … Read More