Name: Kellie Pringle
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Phone: 817-821-7699
My family has been using essential oils in some capacity or another for a little over a year. What started as a way for me to make some "fun smelling" teacher gifts (sugar scrubs and bath salts) has turned in to an incredible way for me to care for my family and improve our health. I have learned much along the way about essential oils in general including the importance of quality and safety. We have tried several different "brands" of oils and have found the Young Living products to be of the best quality AND the best value. They simply work for our family and I hope to share that success with you! A little trivia about my page name: my husband's family has referred to him and his siblings as the "Pringle Chips" as a play on our last name - Pringle. Our kiddos are kind of like the Pringle Chips Jr's. :) It's a fun play on words as these Pringle Chips explore essential living using all of our five senses to care for ourselves and improve our health!

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