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Y’all!  Has school started in your area?  It has in mine!  And guess what???  THIS year, I have ALL FIVE kids in school!  Granted, my youngest is in school for a half a day, but it is still three whole hours that I have all by myself!  I have free time to go to the store by myself, to take care of appointments and to even – *gasp* get some work done!  It’s so exciting!!!  (Full disclosure: I do totally miss my kids – no matter how much I kid around about it – and really do enjoy when they get home! And then homework starts…but that’s another post!)


But while I am celebrating, I know that many are going back to work after a summer break…namely our Teachers and other Educators.  You guys, I came from a family of educators.  You can’t throw a stick in our family reunion without hitting at least two or three teachers!  My husband is going to start his student teaching in January (yay!!).  My mom, his mom and dad, his sisters and brother in law, aunts, uncles cousins, grandparents – all teachers or involved within the school system in some form or fashion!  So when I say I understand what it means for the school year to start for these amazing people. I really have a pretty good idea!  Then you throw my 5 crazy monkeys in to the mix and I know they need some serious support (and love!) thrown their way at the beginning of the year.


That, my friends, is why I do Back To School Teacher gifts.  I am on a budget and have a limited supply of resources – otherwise I would be treating the whole school to back to school support!  As it stands, here are a few things that I put together for my kiddos’ teachers to help them master this first couple of weeks and to even carry them through the year.  And my ulterior motive is that they can also help me to support my child in as close to the way we do at home as possible.  (Side Note:  I was beyond ecstatic to see at least one teacher diffusing when we walked in to Meet the Teacher Night!  Last year, I had TWO teachers that regularly diffused during the day to help support mental clarity and focus! Yahoo!)


1.) The first thing I wanted to share with these lovely individuals that care for the minds (and the bodies, too) of my kids during the day was a little something to help them personally!  I made two different roller bottles for each teacher: Calm Teacher and Happy Teacher.  These are super easy to make and can even be subbed for whatever oils you have on hand or, if your teacher is oily already, whatever oils they prefer.  Calm Teacher is a combination of 3 drops of Lavender and 3 drops of Stress Away.  I filled the rest of the 5 ml roller bottle to the top with fractionated coconut oil (FCO) and slapped a label on!  The Happy Teacher is a blend of 2 drops each of Grapefruit, Orange, Bergamot (citrus oils are uplifting!), Frankincense and Clary Sage.  Topped off with FCO and label and bam! done!  (these particular labels were purchased from  They are meant for 10 ML roller bottles, so I just cut mine down.  I also did a different recipe for Calm Teacher, so I didn’t want it to list the different ingredients.)

Calm, Happy, Focused!

Calm, Happy, Focused!

2.)  Focus Pocus Room Spray is another one for the teacher specifically, but it is versatile enough to be used for anyone!  Some districts (thankfully NOT ours!) do not allow diffusing and/or any scented anything in the classroom.  While I appreciate the lack of exposure for my kids to synthetic fragrances, it makes me sad that they can’t benefit from the therapeutic aspects of diffusing.  So a room spray is a good alternative.  Strategically sprayed and timed, it can be beneficial for the students during study time, test time, creative time or even for just uplifting and focusing moods!  For the teacher, this can be sprayed on his/her clothing, in to the air (careful to not get it in anyone’s eyes!) or even on his/her hands and inhaled from there.  With 2 drops each of Peppermint and Orange essential oils, this spray is sure to help all those minds (little and big alike!) focus and zero in on what they are concentrating on at the time.


3.) Boo Boo Cream and Ouchie Spray are a must for the classroom – at least if you have a Pringle in any of your rooms!  My kids CAN’T be the only ones that MUST HAVE A BANDAID for every blessed thing or they will just die right there!  I mean, surely that is not a drama thing and totally a normal kid reaction, right?  *sigh* Drama or not, I know my kids are on the constant hunt for some area of their body to slap a bandaid on or put some ointment concoction on to prevent it from falling off!  And if I can provide their teachers with an all natural solution to slather them up with, all the better.  I actually use these same things at home, too.  And yes….I should have stock in bandaid companies, because yes, we go through about a bazillion bandaids a week!  But at least I know what I am putting on before the bandaid will support the proper function of their skin after trauma.  And the cool thing about Ouchie Spray as it can double as a surface purifier, also!

Good bye boo boos and cooties!

Good bye boo boos and cooties!

4.) Thieves Hand Purifier is an absolute must when dealing with dirty, micro-organism encrusted monkeys all day long!  We actually have this in an industrial sized bottle, but the smaller travel size bottles are easier to carry around in a pocket or apron while at school.  Kids are curious.  They will stick their grubby hands and fingers in to just about anything just to see what it feels like. *shudder*  I am NOT a “germaphobe” But then I am.  So even if I am not anointing my kids’ hands with this stuff on a regular basis, I am definitely slathering my hands up!  I have even been known to rub down public tables or doorknobs with this awesome stuff before my horde descends upon it.  Plus it simply smells great!  So win win!  For my kids’ teacher, I will let them decide how much they really want to share!


5.) I saved the BEST for last!  Thieves Household Cleaner!  Household, you say?  What good is a household cleaner for a teacher?  Well…I am glad you asked!  I am actually going to give you a little sneak peak in to my next Live class where I will be talking all about in the classroom oily hacks.  Thieves Household Cleaner fits right in with that!  The Thieves Cleaner is an all natural, plant based cleaner.  It smells fantastic – I mean reeeeaaaaallllly fantastic.  I can’t even count on one finger the commercial cleaners I have actually wanted to stick my nose down in the bottle of and take a big ‘ole whiff!  This stuff really does smell amazing!  Not only that, but because I know it is all natural and it does not have any artificial or synthetic fragrances, I know that it is safe for all sensitivities.  My kids now live in a toxin-free home and harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances really do a number on them.  If I can get their teachers to make the switch in just this one area, that would be dramatic (here we go being all drama again!).  Plus, there are about a million and one things Thieves Cleaner can do in the classroom that solves a lot of challenges teachers face with other options.  White Boards…awesomeness, until you come back to school the next day and realize you forgot to wipe off yesterday’s assignment and it is now, almost permanently plastered all over your board.  I can’t tell you how many stories I have heard and seen from teachers who have managed to exorcise the dry erase marker ghosts from their white boards completely with the help of Thieves Cleaner.  I believe in it so much that I attached a tag to the bottles I made telling the teachers of my kids to just send it home with a Pringle when it was empty and I would refill it for them throughout the year!  (and yes. that is a budget friendly thing to do – even with TEN teachers to account for – because it is so concentrated, a little goes a long way!)  I threw in a roll of paper towels and then called it done!

The ultimate one stop classroom tool!

The ultimate one stop classroom tool!

6.) Get to know your teachers so you can bless them throughout the year.  Y’all…I really, really do love and appreciate those that can teach – especially those that can teach my little “angels”.  So I try to make it a point to love on them throughout the year, too!  Sure, I could send them apple themed gift sets or cute little frames with pictures of pencils and rulers.  But do you remember me sharing about how many teachers are in my life?  I know that teachers adore any gifts that are given when they are given out of the spirit of loving and celebrating them.  But I also know that my mom does not need even one more coffee mug covered in A+ decorations!  I want to bless them with things they actually like!  So every year in my Back To School Teacher Gifts, I always include a little questionnaire asking them to share with me some of their favorites!  That way I can customize their gifts for things they will actually enjoy, or use, and not re-gift in the next White Elephant gift exchange!  You can do a search on Pinterest for “Teacher Questionnaire” or “Teacher Survey” and about 42 million choices will pop up.  Or you can get creative and make your own survey.  This year, I used this one from The Almost Perfectionist : Teacher Questionnaire.  It had just the right amount of things I wanted to cover and gives me some options to be creative in my gift-giving this year.


So those are my Back To School Teacher Bribes…er…ummm…I mean GIFTS! this year.  I am hoping they will bless these ladies (all ladies this year) that work so hard to take care of and love on my babies while I am at home eating bon bons and getting my toes done! 🙂


If you are a teacher and are NOT a Young Living member yet – and you want to implement some of these things for your school year survival, I have a special just for you!  Through 8/31/16, I am offering a $20 rebate to all teachers and those in the education support roles as well for any new members who enroll with me with one of our Premium Starter Kits.  You can Contact me or comment below and I can get your started!  As of the writing of this post, I also have ONE $20 off voucher available for new members who would like to enroll with me with one of our Premium Starter Kits.  You CAN combine both the voucher and the teacher rebate for a total savings of $40!  And if you are really ready to get started, there is a special being offered by Young Living through 8/28/16 that could get you fully stocked at home AND in the classroom!  BTW: All Premium Starter Kits purchased by new members this month also include a free 15 ML bottle of Cedarwood.  What’s so great about that?  Check out my post all about Cedarwood here!

Get Started with this "mini kit" for just $83.88!

Get Started with this “mini kit” for just $83.88!


Pick Your Own Premium Starter Kit! A perfect way to have all of the tools you need to get started the right way!


The Ultimate Starter Kit! Available in this combination from now until 8/31/16!

The Ultimate Starter Kit! Available in this combination from now until 8/28/16!


What are some of the ways you bless your kiddo’s teachers??? I’d love to hear from you!


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