Sesquiterpenes, Limonene, Linalool, OH MY!

Tyreese JosephCategories

Spelling Bee or Chemistry pop quiz? Luckily, neither, I’d fail both. These are just a few of the 80-300 different constituents that are found in the essential oils (EOs) that provide the amazing properties we can experience first hand. If you are just getting started with EOs the amount of information available can be overwhelming. It is important to understand that you do NOT need to know everything about every oil. I’m comfortable driving my car here, there, and everywhere without being a certified mechanic. The car works, I’m happy. Young Living Oils work, I’m happy.

When I share my oils with someone and they ask how they work, I shrug, and say I don’t know. All I know is that when I used Deep Relief (for example) on my shoulders, all that tension in my neck from studying just disappeared. Results matter.

Of course, there are exceptions. For those peeps, there is Google Scholar, numerous reference books, etc., so the information is there. I’m just making the point that unless you want to know these things, it is not necessary to when diving into your Premium Starter Kit. It is more important to experience your oils and use them daily, noting changes and benefits. Don’t get bogged down and overwhelmed to the point that you are intimidated to get started.

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