Making Sense of Lime Essential Oil

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Making Sense of Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil smells like summer! You can use it on your skin, enhance your massage and even cook with it. Let me “dish” out (get it?) all the details on this very affordable citrus oil as well as how you can get it for FREE in June 2019.

Citrus oils are not steamed distilled like “true” essential oils but are instead cold pressed from the rind of the fruit. Lime essential oil is high in limonene and a source of beta-pinene.  The “test” step of the Seed to Seal process ensures that all Young Living Lime essential oil contains 42-50% limonene and 12-24% beta-pinene. I highly encourage you to research the health benefits of these constituents to learn why you want them on and in your body!

Once cold-pressed, Young Living bottles lime essential oil as “Lime” and “Lime Vitality”. Each of these can be used to support multiple body systems and functions. What’s the difference? Labeling!



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Lime essential oil is labeled for aromatic and topical use.  Its aroma is emotionally lifting whether smelled straight from the bottle, dropped onto your diffusing jewelry or diffused in your diffuser.  For this reason, it makes sense that Lime is part of the “vacation in a bottle” blend, Stress Away.

Diffusing Lime also allows you to enjoy its respiratory function supporting properties. An ultrasonic diffuser disperses a few drops of essential oil as multiple microdroplets that can be breathed in for both respiratory and emotional support.

When used topically, Lime supports healthy looking skin. As a precaution, do not apply Lime to your skin before sun exposure as it may cause sun sensitivity.  Adding it to your evening skincare routine is a great option!

asia-1532212_1920You can also use Lime to support healthy lymphatic drainage.  Massage anyone?  Mixing a few drops of Lime with some coconut oil or V-6 oil would make a yummy tropical massage combo.


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Lime Vitality

Lime Vitality is labeled for internal use. This means it can be taken as a supplement or used in cooking.

Add a few drops to a gelcap or your water glass for immune support. As an added benefit, you’ll be supporting your healthy weight goals.  And make sure that’s a water GLASS and not plastic or styrofoam. Lime Vitality can break down the petrochemicals that make up plastics and styrofoam and you would not want to be drinking those chemicals in your beverage.

Making guacamole, limeade or key lime pie? Add drop of Lime Vitality to boost the lime flavor.

Ready to try your own free bottle of Lime Vitality?

Young Living is sending a FREE Lime Vitality to every member placing a qualifying order in June 2019. Contact the person who shared this with you to let them know you are ready to learn more! If that person is me, I am going to walk you through the best way for you to order HERE.

Happy oiling, my friend!

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