Young Living Academy Update

Cristi ScheffmanUncategorized, Young Living Company

Congratulations to Sabrina! She started with the Young Living Academy as a 5th grader and was recently accepted into one of the top universities in Ecuador! More than 4,100 students applied, and she was one of 2,000 accepted. She was then selected as one of 600 students to be admitted into a special prep course (a more advanced level).

Our team serving in Ecuador this week had the privilege of meeting this remarkable young woman yesterday and asked her about her future goals and dreams.

“I choose to study industrial engineering because I love math, physics, and science. With my degree, I would love to build a business with my mom making designer, fashion clothing, and I want to have the skills necessary to be able to expand the business and turn it into a big industry. I really want to help support my mom’s dream. I will do the industry part, which includes administration, statistics, and processes, and my mom will do the fashion side. My own dream is to start a non-profit foundation that rescues animals like dogs and cats.”

We can’t wait to hear about her achievements in the near future!


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