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Wholesale members receive a 24% life time discount off retail prices so grab your kit NOW!

RALLY PROMO —>> PSK Dew Drop Duo + Club Red! ❤️️❤️️

There’s TWO deals and you can stack them together so pay close attention because I don’t want you to miss out. 😉

AND you need to use the item # listed below to get the discounts.

Starts July 14 at 12 pm MST until supplies are sold out OR July 16 at midnight MST. We expect these to SELL OUT so get them while you can!


DEAL #1 😲😲

Get a Dewdrop Premium Starter Kit and get a SECOND Dew Drop for 40% off AND get Tangerine + Peppermint too.

So that’s 2 diffuser, 13 oils, and all the other goodies in the PSK1!!

Dew Drop Duo Premium Starter Kit
Item No. 25262
Wholesale Price: 198.25
PV: 123

The Military Dew Drop Duo PSK is available too
Item no. 25263
Wholesale Price: $198.25
PV: 123

* New Enrollees Only
* US and NFR Only
* While supplies last



Relive Club Red from Convention with this SWEET deal! 15% off NingXia Red 2-pack, NingXia Nitro, Lemon Vitality, Lime Vitality and Cinnamon Bark Vitality!!!

NingXia Red (2 pack)
Item No. 3042D
• $81.64 Retail
• $62.05 Wholesale
• 62.05 PV

NingXia Nitro
Item No. 3064D
• $44.46 Retail
• $33.79 Wholesale
• 33.79 PV

Lemon Vitality
Item No. 5625D
• $6.99 Retail
• $5.31 Wholesale
• 5.31 PV

Lime Vitality
Item No. 5591D
• $6.43 Retail
• $4.89 Wholesale
• 4.89 PV

Cinnamon Bark Vitality
Item No. 5585D
• $27.68 Retail
• $21.04 Wholesale
• 21.04 PV

* Quick Order Only
* US and NFR Only
* While supplies last



So these deals can be stacked for new members for a HUGE SAVINGS!! 😍😍

➕18 oils (11 PSK) (2 oils with 2nd Dew Drop diffuser) (Valor & Geranium for July Promos) (Club Red Vitality oils)
➕2 Diffusers
➕2 bottles Ningxia Red
➕14 Nitros
➕2 packets Ningxia Red
➕Thieves Household Cleaner sample
➕Wholesale membership

=$325.33 wholesale price (before shipping and tax)

WOW that’s a huge savings from the $635.27 retail price!!!

* New Enrollees Only
* Quick Order Only
* US and NFR Only
* While supplies last


Message us any questions. This is an awesome deal to get started!

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