How Do You Get Started With Savvy Minerals Makeup?

Rich and Lisa JelinekMakeup / Cosmetics


Savvy Minerals is available now! The BEST way to purchase is to grab a wholesale membership. Since we currently don’t have a Savvy Minerals Premium Starter Kit, you can put your own together! Easy Peasy! This way you’ll save 24% off retail prices for life! Yes…FOR LIFE! There aren’t any minimums other than 1 50PV (about $50) purchase every 12 months to stay active. That’s it. Why pay retail for your makeup? Here’s another perk…when you love your makeup and people ask you about it, you can get a referral check back. How cool is that? Ask us for details and we’ll help make sure they go to your site to order!

How do you get started?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Order Now
  3. Select Member (This makes you a wholesale member and you receive a life time discount of 24% off retail prices. You also can recommend the products to others, if you choose to, and earn commissions).
  4. Select a Basic Kit (You can select one of our Premium Starter Kits also)
  5. Continue shopping for additional products in our Savvy Minerals Makeup line.

In addition to the Savvy Minerals line, you will also enjoy our anti-aging skin care line plus all of the products that Young Living has to offer.