Under Your Eyes Will LOVE You With This Simple DIY Eye Cream

Rich and Lisa JelinekBeauty, DIY / How To

I like simple. Give me a Do It Yourself beauty project that is under 5 minutes and I’m there! No fuss for me. That skin below your eyes is going to say “THANK YOU” after you apply this! It’s so refreshing and I love the smell of Frankincense too. Frankincense does come in Young Living’s Essential Oil Premium Starter Kits. … Read More

Make This Fantastic Chemical Free Room Spray In Less Than 2 Minutes

Rich and Lisa JelinekDIY / How To

Chemical Free Warm Vanilla Room Spray!! You are going to love this simple DIY! Commercial sprays often contain harmful chemicals that you don’t want around your family or pets. This one smells fantastic and is quick to make. Plus it’s cheaper than you can buy in the store! Our 5ml bottles of essential oils contain 85 drops and our 15ml … Read More