A Halloween Treat That Is Sure To Delight Everyone! Halloween Popcorn!

Rich and Lisa JelinekCooking With Essential Oils/Recipes

Time for a spooky Halloween treat! Try this recipe at home, or make it for your upcoming Halloween party! Cinnamon Vitality • Promotes a healthy immune response* • Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle regimen* • Supports regular digestion* when used as a dietary supplement • Provides a spicy and delicious addition to cooking and baking • Is distilled from cinnamon … Read More

Oh Me! Oh My! Einkorn Granola Is Now Available In A 3 Pack!

Rich and Lisa JelinekEinkorn

SO EXCITED!!! In October’s Essential Rewards order, we got 8 bags of Einkorn Granola!! You know what’s even better?!? Now the granola is available in a 3-pack! Yes!!! Just added 3 3-packs to our order for November!! Here’s the thing…you will want to eat the WHOLE BAG! I’m not kidding because it’s just that good. We’ve come up with a … Read More