Under Your Eyes Will LOVE You With This Simple DIY Eye Cream

Rich and Lisa JelinekBeauty, DIY / How To

I like simple. Give me a Do It Yourself beauty project that is under 5 minutes and I’m there! No fuss for me. That skin below your eyes is going to say “THANK YOU” after you apply this! It’s so refreshing and I love the smell of Frankincense too. Frankincense does come in Young Living’s Essential Oil Premium Starter Kits. … Read More

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May Promos! Find Out What You Can Earn For Free!

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MAY PROMOS!!! When you become a member of Young Living, they offer awesome promos such as the one below. To become a wholesale member and save 24% off your purchases for life, head over to www.EssentialOils4Sale.com and select your Starter Kit. If you select a Premium Starter Kit you’ll have 100PV toward any of these promos. Your shopping cart will show … Read More