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Fall is here!  Want to bring that crisp autumn smell into your home?  Try this wonderful diffuser blend in your home to freshen things up indoors.

Everyone loves when their home smells fresh and inviting, but did you that know indoor air is 5-7 times more polluted than outdoor air?!? This is mainly due to household cleaners and chemicals released from burning candles and air fresheners.

Diffusing essential oils can help your home smell like fall without harsh chemicals! Plus, you get all the benefits of essential oils! Orange and Lemon essential oils provide an uplifting and energizing aroma.  Then add in some Clove and Cinnamon and you have the perfect fall fresh scent!

Are you one who needs to get rid of their scented candles?  Right now is a great time too because our 4 Premium Starter Kits with a diffuser are on sale (10% off our everyday great priced) until Tuesday September 18th.   I will also throw in a couple of other helpful oily gifts for you when you join my oily family.

So there is no better time than now to ditch those nasty scented candles and start diffuser for better wellness.  Hit the ‘become a member‘ button on my website and lets get you moving in the direction of cleaner air in our homes!  You won’t regret it.  Best move we ever made 7 years ago.

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