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Savvy Mineral lipstick pic

Today is National Lipstick day.   Please be sure that the gorgeous color on your lips is made from clean, safe ingredients like our Savvy Minerals makeup line.  Young living is setting new standards in Clean Beauty.  2500 toxic ingredients will NOT be allowed in our products. So, if you are looking for truly clean products – Young Living is what … Read More


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Savvy Minerals Cinnamint-Infused Lipstick

Check out our newest lipsticks.  They are go on so smoothly and feel great.  You can also feel great about these being nontoxic and Vegan!  They glide on like butter, moisturize, and give your lips rich color, these lipsticks are full of nourishing ingredients to help you create a bold, beautiful look. These five new velvety, rich, deep shades are … Read More


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Foundation hints

How to select the right Savvy Minerals foundation for Warm and Cool skin tones. (I will do a separate post for Dark tones). See this chart for some helpful tips on what our safe and toxin free Savvy Minerals Warm 1, 2, 3 and Cool 1, 2, 3 might correlate to. Don’t know if you’re Warm or Cool? Here’s some … Read More


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Y Ugh huh – you heard right!  Young Living has a fantastic new line of pure quality makeup.  Keeping in line with all of our toxic-free products, you can now feel safe about putting on this makeup – no worries of harmful toxins being put on your face!  And this is just the beginning of the line~more is coming.  Soon … Read More


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How's it Going

I’d like to introduce you to Carmine. He’s a chill beetle with a life and a family. Unfortunately he doesn’t get to experience everything life has to offer because his main purpose is to be harvested and crushed into pieces to make what we know as Red Number 40 or Red 4 or Natural Red etc. If you AREN’T wearing … Read More