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Greif diffusing

Essential oils can be of great help in supporting our emotions.  Young Living essential oils are very supportive for what ever you may be dealing with. I chose these oils after learning of the sudden, unexpected death of a very dear friend.  There are many more oils I will diffuse throughout the next several days for emotional support, but these … Read More


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PSK with desert mist sale 2

Grab a kit while you can at 10$ off regular price for this popular Premium Starter Kit!  Whether you’re already a member and just want to get in on this great price or want to start your Young Living wellness journey – this is your chance.  If you are new to Young Living and open a new account with me, … Read More


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Beauty from the inside out

Below are some tips for supporting your skin on a cellular level, so you can have a smooth, radiant glow! At Young Living, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty. We don’t want you to use makeup as a band-aid for underlying issues, because getting to the root cause of your acne or blemishes may help improve other areas … Read More


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Surprise and Delight

SURPRISE AND DELIGHT! My wonderful up-line is giving a $10 account credit to everyone who enrolls today and tomorrow (Sunday 2/17 through Monday 2/18). We would love to show you the benefits of using these pure quality products from a company you can trust. Lets connect with a PM and we will help you get started. If you have been … Read More


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Chair in field of lavender

I saw a comment on IG the other day that said something about how the company of a product was an MLM and the person recommending it would be making a cut of the profit, so there’s added value in there for that person to push it. Call me defensive if you want, but I want to shed some light … Read More


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NON GMO verified Vitality Line

Once again I have another reason to say how proud I am to have used Young Living products for over 8 years!  WHY you ask?   DRUM ROLL….. we are so proud to announce that ALL Young Living Vitality essential oils are now “Non-GMO Project Verified”! To receive this certification, all Vitality oils passed through third-party verification, auditing, and testing. Canada also … Read More


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bird in nature

Connecting with nature is good for your mental health. But don’t worry! You don’t need to spend a week camping in the forest to see the benefits. Just take the time to notice nature around you, a bird in the sky or a flower by the sidewalk. https://goto.sc/66O Here in NE Ohio (at least where I live) we are fortunate to … Read More

2019 Starter Kit Update

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2019 PSK update

Our starter kits got an update that I am loving and know you will too! The most exciting update is that our beloved Valor has been added back into these kits, as well as Peace and Calming! The kits now have 12 oils plus a purse/pocket sized bottle of Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier and more. Just look at what all … Read More


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without change

What’s ahead for you this year? No matter what changes 2019 brings, remember this:  WITHOUT CHANGE THERE WOULD BE NO BUTTERFLIES. Let us help you make a lifestyle change to non-toxic products in you and your families lives today.   Learn more here on my website and blog, as well as on my Face Book page. Young Living makes changing out your … Read More


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Rutavala roll on for sleep

So the other night I just could not shut down and get those needed 💤💤 so pulled out this Young Living essential oil gem.  A swipe across the forehead, forearms and across my pillow and bam, in a very short time I was 😴💤. Rutavala = 💤💤 = win/win. Next time you are having one of those troublesome nights you might consider trying Rutavala.  This … Read More