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CBD oil in January 2019

This is such an amazing announcement – non-THC CBD to be offered through Young Living!

You possibly have tried or are using CBD oil or know of someone who does or maybe you have heard of all of the great benefits people have experienced from using it.

We only want the best for our family, and that’s why we have trusted Young Living for the past 7+ years. It is so difficult finding a company with the high standards that Young Living holds itself to, so how do you know where to get the highest quality CBD?

Well, what if I told you we were all able to get CBD oil through Young Living, plus be able to trust that we were getting only the BEST?

Then stay tuned!  In January 2019, we will learn more of the details of our Seed to Seal, Young Living essential oil infused, derived from organic hemp, non-THC CBD!

One thing I have always been concerned about when purchasing any herbs, teas, food, and now CBD oil has been what the source is.  Has it been sprayed with pesticides, is it hybridized, is it nonGMO, etc.  What is the true quality?  That is why we choose Young Living for all of our essential oils, supplements, skin care, oral care, cleaners, etc, etc – are all quality, no adulteration and no toxic chemicals added.  Now I will be able to offer to you all a safe quality CBD – all under our Seed to Seal promise of pure quality.


This CBD oil will be Seed to Seal essential-oil infused (derived from organic hemp) non-THC CBD! This means that like all of Young Living’s plants, it will be grown in fields that have been untouched by pesticides for many years. That’s part of our “Seed to Seal” guarantee! And that’s a huge reason why it WORKS and you could see life-changing results! I know…I have personally visited our Mona, Utah farm, dug my hands in the dirt, planted lavender and walked the fields.  My friends……this is HUGE!

Full details will be coming in January….and my friends….you need to connect with me NOW because this is going to take your wellness to a WHOLE new level.

I’m telling you, I’m SO grateful for every single oil infused product Young Living offers. It truly can be a huge game changer – it has been for us.

Like I said…We do NOT know much yet other than it is coming in 2019.  As soon as I know more and can share with you, believe me, I will!  If you would like to stay updated, just message me and as I know more I will let you know.

This is a great time to become a member of Young Living and get your wellness regimen off to a great start in the new year of 2019.  I have such a wonderful supportive oily family and know you will love becoming a part of it.

To celebrate your new wellness lifestyle and the coming of our CBD oil I will be giving you a credit of $20 when you become a member of my team with any of our great Premium Starter Kits.  I will also send you a couple of oily gifts to welcome you.  Go to my website and click on become a member and follow the instructions to start your own account and start ordering.

So lets connect and see how we can help you improve you and your families wellness the Young Living way NOW by joining the over 3 million people already enjoying products from the best essential oil company in the world.

12 Comments on “CBD OIL COMING”

  1. Lucie Pabin

    Hello Julie – Thank you for reaching out. As of yet Young Living has not introduced it. Even though the bill was signed there are still some legalistic issues from what I understand. As I understand each state might be different in the laws allowing CBD oil even with the bill. Keep in touch – as soon as I have updates I can let you know.

  2. Lucie Pabin

    Hello Julie – I wanted to update you on the CBD oil situation. Young Living just announced they will be offering a CBD oil soon. More information is going to be released in July during convention!! If you are on Facebook and can search for Dr. Oli, he is one very involved with CBD oil. He has been doing a lot of research for several years. He did say currently there were 3 states where the government is not allowing its use, but it is being worked on. This CBD oil will follow Young Livings strict Seed to Seal standard so you know it will be of the top quality, natural and pure with no synthetic ingredients added. Apparently the CBD oil will also be enhanced with some Young Livimg essential oils. I can’t wait to learn more and share it with you and everyone. I have several wanting and anxiously waiting for this oil.

  3. Angel Hilley

    On the label for the new CBD it says something about “apply where desired”. Do you think most folks will put it under their tongue? I ask because where else WOULD you put it?

  4. Lucie Pabin

    Hello Angel – I just learned something quite interesting. When the labeling says for external use – well inside the mouth is considered ‘external’. It is not considered ‘internal’ until it is actually swallowed and in the tubes and in the stomach. The CBD oils we are doing through Nature’s Ultra are most effective when held under the tongue for a few minutes (sublingual). The rub of course is made for rubbing into a topical area of need. Also consider that the CBD has Young Living essential oils added to it and I believe some stevia – makes it taste better! As I have heard that CBD oil alone tastes pretty nasty. Oh and there is a roll-on, so naturally that would be a topical use with the roller ball for convenience.

  5. Doris Knepper

    I think this is wonderful I use some now I am not sure if it is 100% pure they use hemp oil for dilute I hope you soon start selling yours we will know the purity of the CBD oil Glad you are going to be selling it

  6. Lucie Pabin

    Young Living has partnered with a company who meets our stringent Seed to Seal practices of quality/purity. When you join Young Living you can link your account to Nature’s Ultra to purchase pure CBD oil and rubs that are enhanced with Young Living Essential oils. You get a discount on the CBD products from Nature’s Ultra if you order it through your Young Living account. Nature’s Ultra grown the hemp with no pesticides, non GMO, and are tested for purity. This is in the isolate form so the THC is 0%. You get all the benefits of CBD and Young Living pure essential oils and with no THC to worry about side effects or drug testing.

  7. Lucie Pabin

    It is available now from Nature’s Ultra – if you have a Young Living account you can link to Nature’s Ultra for a discount on the available products to us. The company ties in nicely with Young Livings Seed to Seal process to insure quality. They are non-GMO, use no pesticides, use only the highest quality, etc. Nature’s Ultra is adding Young Living essential oils to enhance the effectiveness of the CBD products. This CBD is an isolate, which means there is 0% THC, which is the part that can still cause some side effects and also people who have to take drug tests for work can now use thi s CBD oil. If you don’t have a Young Living account and would like to get started just let me know how we can help you and then get the CBD oil at a discount. Have a great day and thank you for taking the time to ask. Lucie

  8. Lillie Shaver

    Does ordering from Natures Ultra count towards our monthly ER order? or do we need to place 2 separate orders?

  9. Lucie Pabin

    It certainly can be for many people. And with Young Living partnering with Natures Ultra and adding in our oils can enhance the benefits.

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