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Definition of fad:

I googled the definition of ‘fad’ and here are some of the definitions:  A desirable trend characterized with lots of enthusiasm and energy over a short period of time.  A style, activity, or interest that is very popular for a short period of time.  A temporary fashion, notion, manner of conduct, etc., especially one followed enthusiastically by a group.

When you think of a fad, what comes to mind?  For me the word ‘fad’ conjures up things like the ever changing styles in clothes, diets and foods to eat or not to eat, how many of those have we seen come and go?  Or the changing colors and patterns in decorating our homes?  The list goes on and on and I am sure we each have our own list of past and current ‘fads.’

So how do essential oils fall into this?  They are currently all the rage, so are they the real deal or just another fad, here today gone tomorrow?

Growing popularity of essential oils

Over the past couple of years, even the last few months, I’ve seen an acceleration of new essential oil companies flood the market, as I am sure you have as well.  It would seem everyone is wanting to ‘jump on the band wagon’ of selling essential oils.  These new companies are springing up now at your local Wal-Marts, Targets, etc, and some other popular companies in the business of ‘scenting’ our homes are now turning to selling essential oils and diffusers.  So maybe with this increase in companies now selling essential oils, I guess one could say it is a ‘fad’ based on that.  But look back at the definition of a ‘fad’ and then lets look more closely at essential oils and their history.

My thoughts  and some facts on if essential oils are just a ‘fad’

So are all of these claims of essential oils being the end to end all product they claim to be?  What about all of the claims they can do everything from taking care of whatever ails us, safely clean our homes, and there is an oil for basically everything?  Lets explore a little bit about if these oils are the real deal.

Essential oils are not new!  Some people still believe they are because they have not ever really heard of them before.  But are they new?  NO, absolutely not.  They have actually been around for a very long time, in fact essential oils are referenced in the Bible something like 188 times, as well as in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in Chinese manuscripts.  Oils were found in flasks in King Tut’s Tomb.  I think this ‘hype’ about oils is because more are just now hearing about them, but they aren’t new.  Some may get excited about them for a while, but then brush them aside when the next thing comes along.  They are not a ‘fad’ to me in the least, I have been using them for years and don’t plan on ever not using them.

Do essential oils work?  For me, my family and countless friends, my personal answer is YES!  I have used holistic approaches as part of my wellness journey and that of my family for many years.  Definitely not a ‘fad’ for us.  I have used herbs for years and using 100% pure therapeutic essential oils was just a natural progression for us.  We have witnessed these precious oils work countless times for our family and friends.  For years my first choice for any issue has been to grab a natural/holistic product, in this case now my essential oils.  We don’t experience side effects like we did from other things in the cabinet.  We get natural answers and don’t have to worry about waiting for hours before we can use them again.  They are also easy to use.  Can they do it all?  Of course not!  If I have a broken bone, I most certainly will go to my doctor for help.  But I will come home and use oils to help feel better!


There is so much more that could be said, but bottom line is we all have to decide for ourselves if we want to just be part of a passing ‘fad’ or if we truly want to take our wellness journey to new heights and add these precious drops from ancient history to our daily wellness routine.  I believe we will see a lot of these newer companies coming into the essential oil market fade out fairly quickly, where as those that have been around for a long time will continue to provide quality 100% pure therapeutic authentic essential oils for a long time to come.  We are in it for the long haul and getting rid of as many harmful chemicals in our lives that we can by eating and treating ourselves and our families in as holistic and natural way we can – as God meant us to.

Are essential oils for everyone?  No, probably not – those are the ones that see it more as a ‘fad’ and not a lifestyle.  I would hope and pray that more people would take a more serious look at these products and all the benefits one can gain by living a more chemical-free healthier lifestyle.  It pains me to see all of the suffering so many people go through and how many of these people could live so much better by just making some simple changes in what they eat and getting rid of more chemicals in their homes.

Take action now and join me and the thousands who are making a stand and saying no to the harmful chemicals in their personal care products, hair care, oral care, skin care, and say yes to using our essential oils.  I would be so happy and honored to help you move towards a more holistic journey.  Contact me here and lets talk.

**One thing I must point out is that not all essential oils are the same.  Most are all based on the perfume industry standards and must not be confused with pure, unadulterated, 100% therapeutic, authentic oils.  We use Young Living for its therapeutic grade benefits, not for use as a perfume (although I certainly can and do use them as perfume as well).  Young Living promises a high standard and quality products from our farms to the sealed bottles through our Seed To Seal Promise.  We are the world leader in essential oils and will not compromise in our distillation of these precious oils.

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