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February 2019 YL promos

Great free products for this month of February with your qualifying order.

*Clove (for ER members only). Support a healthy immune system and overall wellness with Clove Vitality essential oil. Clove Vitality essential oil is distilled from the clove spice, which has been used for thousands of years to support wellness and in cooking. Clove contains the naturally occurring constituent eugenol, which has been heavily studied for its many beneficial properties.  Clove Vitality essential oil is also a key oil in Thieves Vitality essential oil blend and Inner Defense capsules. These are great products to take as the season changes and throughout the year! Try baking with Clove Vitality! It provides a rich and spicy taste and makes a great addition to wassail, cookies, pies, or anything that calls for the clove spice. Remember, a little goes a long way. Start out by dipping a toothpick in your essential oil, swirling it in your dish, and then slowly adding more essential oil to taste. Get it for free with every with every 100 PV order on Essential Rewards!

*Marjoram has a fresh, herbal, grounding aroma that can be balancing to the body and the mind. Marjoram is a key oil used in the Raindrop Technique for an important reason. We believe it is one of the most underused oils in massage, especially when you are recovering post-workout.  Marjoram is one of the best oils to use for relaxing massage to the muscles after exercise! It’s great to mix with your own DIY creams and apply to large muscle groups, joints, and fatigued muscles after exercise. It is found in Aroma Siez, Aroma Life, OrthoEase Massage Oil, and R.C. This herb has been used for centuries for its powerful properties. How are you going to use Marjoram?  Get Marjoram for free with every 190 PV order on Essential Rewards.

*Super Cal Plus:  What makes Super Cal Plus unique, and why is it different from other calcium supplements on the market? Super Cal Plus is so much more than calcium and minerals: it’s a true bone-health supplement. With a synergistic blend of bioavailable calcium, magnesium, vitamins D and K, and other trace minerals, Super Cal Plus supports the structure, integrity, and density of bones. Plus, adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D throughout life as part of a well-balanced diet may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. With powerhouse ingredients, plus a special blend of handpicked essential oils, Super Cal Plus plays an important role in maintaining overall bone health to help you stay moving! Get SuperCal Plus FREE with a 190 PV purchase!       *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*Cypress essential oil is steam distilled from the branches of the cypress tree. Its main constituent is alpha-pinene, which has been studied for its many health benefits. Cypress is sourced from Spain and Gary worked directly with distillers to get them to change their distillation practices to produce a higher quality oil in the early days of Young Living. Cupressus sempervirens is the botanical name for cypress. Sempervirens means “live forever.” The cypress tree originates in France and Spain. Cypress wood was used by many ancient civilizations because of its durability. From doors to ships, statues, and even coffins, cypress wood was a favorite.  Here are some easy and quick ways to incorporate Cypress essential oil into your everyday life:
• This is a great oil to use after working out! Dilute and apply topically on your muscles. Try making your own DIY muscle creams with Cypress, Marjoram, and Copaiba.
• Apply topically or diffuse Cypress after a long day to encourage a sense of grounding.
Cypress works great when applied while stretching and doing yoga.  Get Cypress for FREE with every 250 PV order!

*Palo Santo: Bad vibes in your home or office? Palo Santo has an inspiring, black licorice like fragrance and can be diffused to create a cleansing and uplifting aroma that can clear any negative environment. Try diffusing after a bad or emotional day to help create a positive atmosphere. It can also be used for massage after physical activity.
Native to South America, Palo Santo—which means “holy or sacred wood”—comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense and is revered throughout South America. This oil is well known for its use in spiritual practices, and many believe it was used by the Incas to cleanse the air of negative energy.  Palo Santo is sourced from our Finca Botanica farm in Ecuador and is collected from the wild. Only deadfall is collected to ensure sustainability.
To use Palo Santo, simply diffuse it around your home, apply it topically to your feet, along your shoulders, or incorporate it in your spiritual study habits.
Get Palo Santo for FREE with every 300 PV order. Need to clear bad vibes?  Palo Santo is one you will be needing.

*Ylang Ylang:  Did you know that Ylang Ylang has been out of stock since April? The only way to get your hands on this oil is with your February promotions! Now you can get it for FREE with every 400 PV order! This oil is perfect for all your Valentine’s Day DIYs.  Steam-distilled from flowers of trees grown in Ecuador and Madagascar, Ylang Ylang essential oil has a sweet, fruity aroma that is the perfect complement to any romantic or relaxing evening. Its moisturizing properties make it a key ingredient in many luxury skin and hair products. Ylang Ylang is often classified as a “heart” note in blends because it emerges just as the top notes begin to dissipate. * Help moisturize skin and enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin by adding a few drops of Ylang Ylang to your favorite skin care products. *Make a linen spray to set the mood this Valentine’s Day by combining 5 drops of Ylang Ylang with water and witch hazel in a glass spray bottle. *Carry Ylang Ylang’s calming, relaxing, and soothing scent with you throughout your day by applying it over your heart or on your wrists. *Massage it into your scalp to increase the appearance of healthy, shiny hair. *Rub it onto your palms, cup your hands over your nose, and inhale deeply to inspire feelings of serenity and joy. *Add a couple of drops to coconut oil for a deep-conditioning hair treatment that will nourish your and scalp and support the appearance of healthy, shiny hair while leaving it smelling floral and sweet. *Create a spa-like experience by putting a few drops into a hot bath to unwind after a long day.

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