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Some much deserved R & R is definitely called for after sleepless nights!  This is a fantastic blend of soothing, calming, essential oils.  It is beneficial for baby/children, as well as mother.  Gentle Baby

I personally have given this wonderful blend to new moms as a gift and they have greatly appreciated its many benefits – mostly the benefits of restful nights.

I have heard many mothers who just can’t live without putting this on their babies feet as a nighttime ritual for restful nights.  I have heard from a frazzled sleep deprived mom who started applying this blend of oils to the bottoms of her 1 month old babies feet and now at 20 months the child puts his feet up for her to still put the oils on before bed.  This is one that my daughter has used on her 3 little ones from birth as well.  We love it around here.

We have a complete line of oils for children called Kidscents that you can check out on my website under the catalog tab.  We also use our regular oils on children and can instruct you on safety in using any of our oils and products on any age and also on using on pets.

With all of Young Living essential oils and products you can be rest assured they are 100% therapeutic and are of the purest ingredients available under our Seed to Seal promise of quality.

We would love to hear from you in the comment section below how Gentle Baby essential oil has helped you with better restful nights.

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