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Lemongrass EO

Lemongrass Essential Oil! Yes, you Can use it!  There has been some recent debate and shocking headlines about not using Lemongrass essential oil on the skin.  Lets see what our expert Lindsey Elmore has to say about this.  Lets get to the truth and find out the chemical why’s of oils.

“Y’all…lemongrass essential oil is not going to kill all your skin cells.
Once again we have a shocking headline without great data to back it up.

A recent Facebook post claims that humans should not use lemongrass essential oil, even in low concentrations, as an insect repellent because it is cytotoxic and kills skin cells. There are 2 studies cited in the post. One article merely cites the other article so I am leaving that one out. I’ll consider the other one.

First and foremost, that’s how skin cells work! They die and regrow. Skin cells are some of the most rapidly regenerating cells in the body. We create an entirely new set of skin every 27 days, and that requires that our skin also dies off every 27 days. This is the exact reason that we exfoliate and buff our skin…to remove the ever present layer of dead skin. So honestly a dead skin cell doesn’t even bum me out. It’s called life.

Second in the study, lemongrass essential oils was applied directly to human dermal fibroblasts in a petri dish. HDF cells don’t even exist on the surface of the skin, they are dermal cells, buried deep in the skin. So the effect of applying an essential oil on the epidermis and measuring the effect on dermal cells is not demonstrated by this study.

This is one reason that doing essential oil research is so tough. When you take isolated cell and apply an essential oil, you knock out all of the organic interactions with our body and it is not demonstrative of how the essential oil actually works with our body chemistry.

Bottom line. Lemongrass, the plant and the essential oil, have been used to control pests in gardens and on the skin for a very long time by thousands of gardeners and outdoor revelers. Rejoice, summer, you get to keep your lemongrass.

Don’t believe everything you read online, especially when the headline is unnecessarily evocative.”

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