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How they measure up - vitality conversion for cooking

Have you tried cooking with Young Living essential oils yet?  I frequently grab my 100% therapeutic/pure Young Living Vitality oils for recipes.  Like just the other evening I was searing our fresh Alaska King Salmon in a sauce of organic herb butter, local organic honey, lemon and fresh organic garlic from our garden.  I did not have a fresh organic lemon for the recipe, so I grabbed my Lemon Vitality  bottle and added a few drops to the recipe.  YUM.  That salmon was so delicious seared in that sauce.

Since these Vitality Essential Oils are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) to be used internally, that means they can replace our spices in the kitchen AND be used as a supplement, just like they were used before there was modern medicine!   Now granted when added to hot food it will destroy a lot of the healthy benefits, but the flavor remains robust.  I have used the Vitality oils in spaghetti sauce with some great flavors – my husband even noticed the wonderful taste.

Go to my website and order your Premium Starter Kit and get started with adding essential oils to your recipes – you’re going to love how it enhances your recipes.


  1. Lucie Pabin

    Hello Fran – I found a clearer grafic for the measurements, so hope you have taken a look at it. These are suggestions as beginning points, so you can always adjust to your own taste desires. ENJOY!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Lucie,
    I am on my iPad and still can’t read the chart! It won’t go into focus. Sorry. It looks like good information.

  3. Lucie Pabin

    Hello Mavis – that previous grafic was difficult to read and I apologize for that. I have replaced it with a better more legible one. I hope you have had a chance to take a look at this one. I personally use Young Living oils in cooking and am still experimenting. ENJOY!

  4. Lucie Pabin

    I have changed the picture/graphic of the oils and measurement conversions for cooking. It is much clearer so I think you should be able to read the labels now. Let me know how it goes. We use them in cooking and love the flavor enhancement. Of course heat can destroy the health benefits, but the flavor is still definitely there.

  5. Lucie Pabin

    Hello Deborah – I actually went in and edited/changed the picture on the article to the more clear readable graphic. Hopefully it is showing up on your end. It does for me when I view it. Let me know and enjoy using the oils in your recipes. I know I do!

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