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bird in nature

Connecting with nature is good for your mental health. But don’t worry! You don’t need to spend a week camping in the forest to see the benefits. Just take the time to notice nature around you, a bird in the sky or a flower by the sidewalk.

Here in NE Ohio (at least where I live) we are fortunate to enjoy seeing wildlife. We love our Cardinals and Blue Birds in particular. We also have a Bald Eagle family that returns to nest every year not far from our house. We have also seen fox, deer and many other animals on our land and in air.

When I can’t get out in the great outdoors, I love bringing a bit of the outdoors inside by diffusing any of our outdoorsy/woodsy or one of our flower plant-based essential oils.   All of course are 100% therapeutic and have our Young Living exclusive Seed to Seal promise of purity and quality in all of our products.

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