Are you wanting to live a healthier lifestyle?  If so, you might give these simple swaps a try – they can help you live better.  Follow this link for 11 suggestions of swapping some of our toxic filled products for some great healthier choices https://goo.gl/aEb6WF

Over the years as Tom and I find out more and more about so many of the products we use daily that are filled with toxic chemicals, we have been working on eliminating them.  My problem over the years as I learned about it and started down the road of eliminating these toxins then was ‘now what do I replace it with that is a healthy choice.”  Of course some things we just had to totally drop from our list because there was nothing I really felt good about using in place of them.  Then there are of course the things that you learn to DIY and find recipes for such as laundry detergents and cleaners of all sorts.  I found that even once looking into some of the recipes with so called ‘safer’ ingredients were still not all that safe.  And for a lot of us, who has time to make some of these things?  It is so much easier to just go purchase at the store the products labeled as nontoxic, safe, perfume free, etc, etc.   Then when reading the ingredients of these ‘natural, safe’ products, I found that most of the those that we were buying really weren’t much ‘safer.’  So what was one to do?  And then what about our foods and drink?  We have grown some wonderful gardens organically and also buy as much produce as we can locally that is organic, so our food is improved in that way and we had/have eliminated the popular drinks that have been touted as being necessary for good hydration and electrolytes, etc and they were just loaded with sugar and all kinds of things we couldn’t pronounce in the ingredient list.  So over the years we have become label readers and slowly eliminated those products.

Then enter our introduction to this company called Young Living Essential Oils over 6 years ago – what a game changer for us!  Tom and I are not perfect in our eating habits and definitely had not completely gotten as many toxins out of our lifestyle as we could/should have when we started with Young Living, but we found that this company was right up our alley in their thinking about living a ‘cleaner’ lifestyle in many ways.  We are both in our mid 60s now and have been blessed with pretty good health thus far (on no regular medications) and now here was finally a company we could really learn more from and work on cleaning up our lifestyles much better.

While the 11 items in this list are a great start – we would personally add so many more things to swap out.  We were so thrilled to find a company that we could learn from and how and then give us so many healthier choices to swap out for and it keeps getting better and better with all of the new products Young Living has come out with to help us with this swap-out in just the 6+ years we have been a part of this company.  We have swapped out our oral care, shampoos, bath soaps, lotions, cleaners, supplements, skin care, and even my makeup now in addition to these 11 simple swaps listed in the article.

If you are ready to cut the crap out of your lifestyle that is dragging you down, let us know and we will be happy to share what we have done to improved and maintain a healthier lifestyle with our Young Living products.  All products are under our Seed to Seal promise of purity and quality.  We would love to hear from you and have you join our great oily family.  Just contact us here or on my Face Book page.  Lets get you feeling at your peek of wellness by starting with some simple, but very important healthy swaps.

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