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If you have horses here is one way Young Living essential oils in our Vitassage has been used on this majestic animal.  The following account has been taken from the Young Living blog.  If you would like to learn more about the Vitassage and our essential oils or have questions on how to safely use oils on animals, please contact … Read More


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When we say that essential oils can be enjoyed by the whole family, that includes Fido and Whiskers. We just need to remember to keep a few things in mind to make sure our fur (or scale, or wool, or feather, or hairless) babies stay safe and enjoy all the benefits Young Living oils have to offer.  We use only … Read More


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I posted a article here on my blog about the essential oils fad and how new essential oil companies are popping up at an alarming rate.  What is more alarming to me (and scary) is the fact they are not pure and therefore not safe. These are the types of oils that are giving the use of pure quality essential … Read More


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This is the time when we start pulling out those sweaters, enjoying our favorite hot drinks to warm us from the cooler weather, and the wonderful scents of the season.   Based on all of those seasonal attributes here are some great diffusing recipe ideas for your enjoyment from the Young Living blog.   What are some of your favorite recipes?  Please … Read More


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It can be frustrating at times for those of us who are members of Young Living to find things going out of stock, but we also know and accept that because we know they will not compromise on quality and purity. This is just 1 of many reasons I believe in and trust Young Living. Here is what Young Living … Read More

Delicious Water Recipe

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How about some delicious tasting flavored water? It’s simple, just combine any of your favorite fruits in a jar of water along with a few drops of any citrus essential oil and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. By morning, you’ll have a new favorite beverage!  Yummy! If you are anything like moi (I am not French, I just like … Read More


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Early Tuesday morning, March 15, Young Living’s brand ambassador, Mitch Seavey, came in second place this year at the Iditarod, about 45 minutes behind his son, Dallas! Dallas completed the nearly 1,000-mile race in a record time of 8 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes, 16 seconds, breaking his own record set in 2014 by 1 hour and 44 minutes faster. … Read More