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It can be frustrating at times for those of us who are members of Young Living to find things going out of stock, but we also know and accept that because we know they will not compromise on quality and purity. This is just 1 of many reasons I believe in and trust Young Living. Here is what Young Living … Read More

Herb Vitality/Dietary Essential Oils

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I absolutely love using these oils in my cooking.  I have added extra flavor to my sauces like my     homemade spaghetti sauce, desserts, and other dishes.  As always you have Young Livings Seed to Seal of quality  100% pure therapeutic oils. Give them a try and see how much your dishes are enhanced with extra flavor with just a small … Read More

Vitality Line/Dietary Label


So just what is Young Living Vitality Line all about? The difference in this new line and the regular line basically is the labeling.  Legally you cannot have several usages on one label, i.e. we cannot have on a bottle of peppermint that it can be used topically, aromatically, and as a dietary supplement.  Therefore, Young Living has made the move … Read More


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What is Aromatherapy and how long has it been around?   I don’t want to bog you, or me frankly, down with a bunch of deep explanations and long drawn out historical accounts, so I will try to keep this somewhat brief, but informative.  After all you can all Google this information like I have.  So, here we go! Have you … Read More


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So what is the IDITAROD? The Iditarod race (sometimes called the Last Great Race) was first run in 1973.  This trail covers about 1,150 miles of some of the most beautiful, roughest terrain, crossing steep mountains, frozen rivers, dense forest, windswept coast, and barren tundra from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Temperatures can drop well below zero and winds can cause loss of visibility. Every year this race … Read More