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diffusing recipes

Decisions, decisions – so may great blends to chose from.  Here are some more great recipes to try in your diffuser.  Young Living has such a great selection to chose from to make these recipes or have fun experimenting and making up your own blends.  And it is the safe choice over the scented sprays and plugins.  With Young Living essential oils we also have a lot more choices of scents than you will ever find with sprays and plugins!  And of course this is the obvious healthier way to go for the whole family.  It is part of our way to improve our wellness journey.  This is not a way of only freshening our air, but also can benefit our mood and support our other body systems like our respiratory system.

I was just hearing recently that toxins in our homes attest for many of the breakdown of our body systems and many of these toxins are from the air fresheners, plugins, and cleaners we use in an attempt to keep our homes clean and smelling nice and clean.  In the long run we are actually doing us and our family members harm.

Our answer to this dilemma has been diffusing and using our Young Living pure, nontoxic essential oils, keeping us above the wellness line.

We can help you clean up you and your families indoor environment and help keep your body systems free of toxins.  We totally believe in and use these oils on a daily basis with great results and know you will love them too.  So don’t wait any longer to join in and be a part of the reOilution.   It is easy to get started as a wholesale member by going to my website and picking out a Premium Starter Kit.  With one of these kits comes a diffuser and 11 oils so you can get started right away diffusing and using the oils as described in the information booklet.  You can contact me here for more information or any questions you might have.    If you enroll under us you will have access to a very caring, supportive team with many perks, such as free online classes to help educate you on just what these oils and chemical free products can do for you and your family.  Young Living is also a very generous company with promotions each month.  We look forward to having you on our team.



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